Charleston Shoe Thieves/Gamma 3

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DANGER! High Voltage!
This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

The Charleston Shoe Thieves are a Gamma 3 Internet League Blaseball team in the Molten Sea Division of the Sea Conference. They have been a part of Gamma 3 since Gamma 3, Season 1. Since the Microphone shorted out in Gamma 3, their status is unknown.


This is the Roster as of the end of Gamma 3.

Lineup Rotation
  • Yagami Rodriguez
  • Weaver Melcon
  • Sassy Badri
  • Vice Ice
  • Alford Shoji
  • Zoe Zebulon
  • Ridley McGee
  • Royce Stone
  • Ryan Sniffles
  • Coyote Cooper
  • Lizzy Ribcage
  • Orion Outlaw
  • Mooch Dropper
  • Abigail Nottingham
  • Martina Seafarer
  • Efua King
  • Bread Popa
  • Dagger Clown
  • Nia Beanbag
  • Rocky Cahn

Player History

Date Removed Added Cause
1 EL - Guinevere Strong Charge

Season Results

Gamma 3, Season 1

The Shoe Thieves ended the regular season with a record of 46-53. They were in last place in the Molten Sea division and did not qualify for the Postseason.

In the Gamma 3, Season 1 Mid-Season Elections, the Shoe Thieves received the Foot Warmers Amplification, granting their entire lineup a small Baserunning boost. They received the Snow Shoes Distortion, granting +  Unfreezable and a Baserunning boost to Guinevere Strong.

In the Gamma 3, Season 1 End-Season Elections, the Shoe Thieves voted to Discharge Guinevere Strong into Static.