Charleston Shoe Thieves/Beta/Season 1

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In Season β1 the Charleston Shoe Thieves had their first season as a member of Internet League Blaseball, the Good League, and the Chaotic Good division. They finished 5th in the Good League, and 9th in the ILB. The Shoe Thieves received no Blessings in their first Elections.


This is the original Shoe Thieves roster as it appeared with The Return of Blaseball.

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen

Shadows were not visible on the website until Season β12.


Roster Changes

The Shoe Thieves experienced no changes to their roster over the course of the season or postseason.

Notable Games

Election Outcomes

The Shoe Thieves did not win any Blessing that Season.

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Gayest Team in Blaseball?

For several seasons the Shoe Thieves disputed the New York Millennials claim to be "the gayest team in blaseball". They were ultimately forced to cede their rival claim after losing a pivotal game of Rlock Plaper Sclissors with the Shoe Thieves represented by Esme Ramsey and the Millennials by Theodore Cervantes. According to the terms of the game, the Shoe Thieves technically maintain the right to call themselves "the second gayest team in blaseball", but this title is not popularly used.