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Moderation is a Team Modification, first and only seen during the Season β19 Election as a result of the Moderation blessing.


Whenever a Team with Moderation wins a game, and if they were winning by more than 1 Run, they will score Unruns until they only win the game by 1 Run.


Season 19 Election

During the Season β19 election, the Canada Moist Talkers won the Moderation blessing, granting the Team the Moderation modification.

The modification would first see use on Season β20, Day 1 when the Moist Talkers defeated the San Francisco Lovers by a final score of 3 - 6. As the final play of the game, Moderation activated to display "The Moist Talkers practice Moderation. 2 Unruns scored!", and the final score was reduced to 3 - 4.

Maude Fraude

On Season 20, Day 4, the Moist Talkers seemingly defeated the Charleston Shoe Thieves by a final score of 8 - 1 before Moderation activated.

The Moist Talkers practice Moderation.
Hype Builds in The Choux! 8 Unruns scored!

As a result, the Shoe Thieves defeated the Moist Talkers by a final score of 0 - 1[1]. This was a one-off occurrence, with the game being coined as "Maude Fraude" by Fans.


  • On Season β22, Day 37, the Kansas City Breath Mints Echoed Moderation via PsychoAcoustics, and activated it to reduce the final score from 0 - 2, to 0 - 1[2]. This is the only activation not done by the Moist Talkers.
  • Due to Moderation, the Moist Talkers are the only Team to win a championship while having a negative run differential, having a -102.5 run differential during Season 23.

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