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In Season β10 the Charleston Shoe Thieves once again beat their regular season record. In a follow up to the Season 9 finals, they met the Baltimore Crabs in the ILB series but were this time defeated -1 to 3.

The Shoe Thieves broke the regular season shutout record with 17 shutouts, not including a shutout against a team starting the game with negative runs.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen

Shadows were not visible on the website until Season β12.


Roster Changes

In Season 10, the Shoe Thieves experienced 17 stat-affecting Blooddrains and an Idol Board swap:

Upon qualifying for the postseason, the Shoe Thieves earned Tevin Melcon as a postseason birth.

Notable Games


See the main article on this topic: Idols#Season_10
After the end of Day 99, the Fans moved six specific players next to the six weather icons visible on the idol board. Among them, former Shoe Thief Workman Gloom was placed in 9th position, next to a Blooddrain icon. Shoe Thief pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers was placed in position 14, next to a Feedback icon, based on tweets from The Microphone repeatedly calling out to Jaylen.

At the top of the hour following Day 99, the Idol Board's effect activated. Players next to the weather icons received the corresponding season-based modifications. Workman Gloom, for example, received +  Siphon. However, Jaylen Hotdogfingers did not receive a modification and was instead "swapped" with #14 in the Hall of Flame, Tillman Henderson. Jaylen was sent back to the void and lost their Returned modification. Their Flickering modification was changed into +  Fliickerrriiing. Tillman became the second person to come back to life, receiving +  Returned in turn, and joined the Charleston Shoe Thieves in Jaylen's position in the Rotation. Tillman, who was in the 15th position on the idol board and next to an Eclipse icon, did not receive the Fire Eater modification for unknown reasons.


The Charleston Shoe Thieves made the Postseason as the 2nd seed in the Mild League.

Division Series vs. Kansas City Breath Mints

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 103
Solar Eclipse
Oscar Vaughan 🍬 4 - 3 👟 Gunther O'Brian
Day 104
Tillman Henderson 👟 2 - 3 🍬 Mooney Doctor II
Day 105
PolkaDot Zavala 🍬 1 - 2 👟 Cornelius Games
Day 106
Snyder Briggs 👟 3 - -1 🍬 Winnie Hess
Day 107
Leach Ingram 🍬 2 - 8 👟 Fitzgerald Wanderlust

The Shoe Thieves took the series 3 - 2 and advanced to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finals vs. New York Millennials

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 108
Fynn Doyle 📱 4 - 5 👟 Gunther O'Brian
Day 109
Tillman Henderson 👟 7 - 2 📱 Penelope Mathews
Day 110
Felix Garbage 📱 1 - 6 👟 Cornelius Games

The Shoe Thieves took the series 3 - 0 and advanced to the Finals.

Finals vs. Baltimore Crabs

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 111
Snyder Briggs 👟 7 - 10 🦀 Finn James
Day 112
Brock Forbes 🦀 3 - 0 👟 Fitzgerald Wanderlust
Day 113
Gunther O'Brian 👟 0 - 1 🦀 Montgomery Bullock

The Baltimore Crabs took the series 3 - -1. The Shoe Thieves were eliminated.

Election Outcomes

The Shoe Thieves received 5 blessings: