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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

This page details the fan culture surrounding the Charleston Shoe Thieves.


Charleston Shoe Thieves fans are also known as "Accomplices", which reflects how the fanbase is an extension of the Shoe Thieves themselves. They also seem to respond to any mention of shoes.

Honor Among Thieves

The fans, much like their beloved team, are in it for the love of the game. Shoes can be stolen from both winners and losers, after all.

Bigotry of any kind is against the Thieves' code.

Though Shoe Thieves fans are largely unorganized, they relay their most important communications through letters and always come together when it really matters. Match MVPs are kept track of throughout the season, and at the end of the season fans will hold the Charleston Shoe Thieves Fan Awards to honor their favorite players.


Team-Wide Chants

The most popular chant is a call and response, often after a victory:

  • "Whose Kicks? / Our Kicks!"

"Let Shoe" is another popular victory chant among the accomplices. After a particularly tense or dramatic victory, some fans will taunt the opposition by chanting "Our shoes now!" "Give us your shoes!" and "Hearts and soles!".

The Shoe Thieves are no stranger to disappointing games, but determine to stay a stranger to disappointment. During games and plays that can be considered disappointing, fans will chant "it's😔okay". No one knows how they say "😔" with their mouths.

Fans have observed that a majority of the Shoe Thieves' runs occur after two batters are out, and have dubbed this the "Two Out Rally". As such, whenever two Shoe Thieves are out, fans will chant "Two Out Rally!" in hopes of encouraging their team to score.

"Thieves Home" is a chant accommodating a variety of situations.

Chants for specific player actions are commonplace among the fans as well. When a batter scores thanks to a sacrifice of another player, they chant the player's two-letter initial followed by SOTS, short for "Scores On The Sacrifice". For stolen bases, "CRIME" is often chanted regardless of the player's team affiliation, as a sign of respect for the hustle.


Player Chants
Cornelius Games "Little to no mercy"
Esme Ramsey "YESME"
Velasquez Alstott "Two for Twofer!"
Stu Trololol "Stu cru!"

"Stusan my beloved"

Blood Hamburger "BLOOD"
Gunther O'Brian "it's🥳okay"


"He's having fun!"

"it's😔okay" (retired)

Simon Haley "COMET"


Herring Winfield "Hook Line Dinger"

"Fish Ghost"

Oliver Loofah "OLI OLI OLI"

"Oi Oi Oi"

Former Players

Player Chants
Sebastian Woodman "Pine! Is! Fine!"

"Pine time!"


Ren Hunter "She run Ren!"
Workman Gloom "Workman 9 to 5"

"Gloom and Doom!"

"Gloom Gang!"

Morrow Doyle "502!"
Blankenship Fischer "TEETH"
Antonio Wallace "The Tone Zone!"
Joe Voorhees "JOEMER"
Kevin Dudley "K-DUDS"
Beasley Gloom "No walkies!"

"Gloom gang!" (retired)

Howell Franklin "AWOO"
Hotbox Sato "Smoke 'em Sato!"


Due to the mystery of what causes a rogue umpire to commit such an act, much superstition has grown around incineration. When talking about it, many accomplices use the euphemism "delacing". This is in part to avoid jinxing the team, either through simply invoking the word or by drawing unwanted attention from the umpires.

This seemed to work until partway through Season β3, when Sebastian Townsend and replacement Atlas Jonbois were incinerated within days of each other, followed by the tragic losses of Matteo Prestige and Blankenship Fischer. The superstition has stuck, and fans hope that those four incinerations were bad luck.

Friendships and Rivalries

There are rarely dull moments with these fans, either due to the drama of Shoe Thieves games (see:The Grand Unslam), shoe-related antics, or the ever-shifting rivalries. Anyone with shoes is a target, yet some teams have earned particular recognition by the Accomplices.

Boston Flowers

In Season β2, a rivalry with the Boston Flowers was mutually agreed, only for the teams to not play a single game together in Season β3. This was rectified in Season β4, including several back to back series and a Feedback event.

After Morrow Doyle was swapped to the Boston Flowers amid a string of weather events for the Flowers, fans realized they had a lot more in common with their rivals than previously thought. The accomplices could empathize with the pain of losing so many beloved players in quick succession, and have bonded more with Flowers fans. The rivalry still remains - only the Shoe Thieves are allowed to beat the Flowers.

Dallas Steaks

After a narrow victory against the Dallas Steaks during the Season β2 playoffs, followed by both teams making playoffs again in Season 3, the accomplices declared the Steaks their rivals, much to the apparent bemusement of the Grillers.

Kansas City Breath Mints

The Kansas City Breath Mints have a one-sided rivalry with the Shoe Thieves, which many Shoe Thieves fans remain completely unaware of. Prior to their incineration, Boyfriend Monreal's relationship with Ren Hunter proved challenging for Breath Mints fans, who eventually settled on being happy for Monreal.

Houston Spies

The Shoe Thieves' █████████ with the Houston Spies is ████████. Any ██████████████████████ Blaseball ████████████████████████ is purely coincidental.

Canada Moist Talkers

Because so much of their roster has been traded between the Thieves and the Canada Moist Talkers, fans of both teams are very invested in the others success and the safety of their players. After the incineration of Workman Gloom in Season 7, fans of both teams came together to mourn them.

Hawai'i Fridays

The Hawai'i Fridays have remained in the same division as the Shoe Thieves since Season 1. Because of this, the teams face off often, even playing against each other 30 times in a single season. In spite of this, fans tend to be close, due in no small part to Fridays fans' immaculate vibes.