Charleston Shoe Thieves/Beta/Season 14

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In Season β14 the Charleston Shoe Thieves finished last in Mild Low and next to last in the ILB. They beat their lowest regular season record for the third season in a row. These results are partially attributed to the unexpected arrival of pitcher Simba Davis, replacing Returned player Tillman Henderson.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Shadow Lineup Shadow Rotation


Stadium Renovations

During Latesiesta, the Shoe Thieves built 2 renovations and received a new player as part of The Second Wyatt Masoning.

Roster Changes

In Season 14, the Shoe Thieves experienced an Incineration and an allergic reaction:

The Shoe Thieves entered Party Time on Day 84 and experienced 11 parties:

Notable Games

In Season 14, the Shoe Thieves closely followed games pitched by Simba Davis:

  • On Day 13, Davis allowed 2 grand slams from the Core Mechanics in the same inning. This became known as a “Simba Slam”.
  • On Day 87, after repeatedly loading the bases and being swept Elsewhere, the Philly Pies' lineup was down to 2 active players. Yusef Puddles batted themselves in multiple times.
  • On Day 92, Davis won their first and only game, against the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Election Outcomes


  • The Investigation is Underway.


The Shoe Thieves benefited from the Free Wills decree.

Post Election