Charleston Shoe Thieves/Beta/Season 11

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In Season β11 the Charleston Shoe Thieves made the playoffs for the third season in a row despite still being impaired by Flinch.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen

Shadows were not visible on the website until Season β12.


Roster Changes

Upon qualifying for the postseason, the Shoe Thieves earned Gallup Murphy as a postseason birth.

Notable Games

  • On Day 1, Atlas Jonbois inhabited Esme Ramsey on their very first at-bat since getting Haunted.
  • On Day 41, after hovering at 9-9 for the entire 9th inning, the Shoe Thieves scored the first "Unshame", by shaming themselves and swallowing a Breath Mints' win.


The Charleston Shoe Thieves made the Postseason as the 2nd seed in the Mild League.

Round 1 vs. Seattle Garages

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 103
Sun 2
Arturo Huerta 🎸 5 - 2 👟 Fitzgerald Wanderlust
Day 104
Sun 2
Gunther O'Brian 👟 3 - 5 🎸 Durham Spaceman
Day 105
Black Hole
Goodwin Morin 🎸 1 - 3 👟 Tillman Henderson
Day 106
Black Hole
Cornelius Games 👟 6 - 4 🎸 Lenny Marijuana
Day 107
Sun 2
Pitching Machine 🎸 3 - 1 👟 Snyder Briggs

The Seattle Garages took the series 3 - 2. The Shoe Thieves were eliminated.

Election Outcomes

Like the rest of the League, the Shoe Thieves received a single Arcana in Season 11:

  • X blessed the Charleston Shoe Thieves.
    Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    • The Shoe Thieves receive X The Wheel of Fortune.
    • The Shoe Thieves had 50% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 218,243 votes were cast.