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In Season 1 the Charleston Shoe Thieves returned to the Internet League Blaseball along with the (NEW) Return(s) of Blaseball. They finished 2nd in the Good League, and 3rd in the ILB. They defeated the Mexico City Wild Wings to take the Championship and become the very first team with an Officially Notarized Golden Record from ILB Commissioner Parker MacMillan. The Shoe Thieves also received the NEW Steal Best Pitcher Blessing during the Elections.


This is the original Shoe Thieves roster as it appeared with The Return(s) of Blaseball, following Fall Ball. Players marked with a * are new Births and did not appear during Fall Ball or any previous Era.

Lineup Rotation

This is the order of players as they appeared in games, team rosters showed a different, unused order on site at the time.

Fall Ball

This section is about Falls from the Charleston Shoe Thieves' perspective, for a complete page on the event see Fall Ball.

Before the start of Season 1, players fell out of the Black Hole (Black Hole) onto random Teams, with one Player falling per Team every week. Here's a list of players who fell to the Charleston Shoe Thieves, and teams who received former Shoe Thieves players from previous Eras:

Date of Fall Fell to the
Charleston Shoe Thieves
Former Shoe Thieves Falls
October 28, 2022

Ankle Halifax

November 4, 2022 Oliver Loofah
November 11, 2022 Premjeet Liu
November 18, 2022 Fish Summer
November 25, 2022 Kathy Mathews
December 2, 2022 Jammy Decksetter
December 9, 2022 Kit Adamses
December 16, 2022 Alexandria Rosales
December 23, 2022 Washer Barajas
December 30, 2022 Kaj Statter Jr.

The Yellowstone Magic is the team who received the most former Shoe Thieves players with 5.

Oliver Loofah is the only returning Shoe Thief player to fall back to the team.

Screenshot of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Scouting Report as it appeared on the website during Fall Ball.

Scouting Report

This section is about the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Scouting Report, for a complete list see Team Scouting Reports.

During Fall Ball, officials Scouting Reports appeared, detailing the history of each Team as of the end of the Expansion Era. Below is the official report for the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

The Charleston Shoe Thieves

  • The Shoe Thieves are dangerous in the Postseason. Well-known playoff spoilers, the Shoe Thieves claimed their first Championship in Season β9, defeating the Baltimore Crabs in a thrilling Internet Series rally, before losing the rematch in Season β10.
  • The Shoe Thieves were the first ILB franchise to contest a God. The Shoe Thieves lost, and were Cursed as punishment.
  • Former star Player Esme Ramsey was the first ILB Player to be Haunted by the dead.


Roster Changes

The Shoe Thieves experienced no changes to their active roster over the course of the season or postseason.

After Fall Ball and before Day 1, four new players appeared on the Shoe Thieves' lineup, completing their roster: Vee Curry, Penelope Berkowitz, Beef Knight and Zuri Shoelace.

Under the Horizon weather, 4 players fell and Buried themselves in the Charleston lineup:

Additional Falls

Under the Horizon weather, former Shoe Thieves players continued to fall on various teams in the League:

Notable Games

  • On Day 101, Alexandria Rosales pitched a postseason shutout against the dominant Mexico City Wild Wings's lineup.
  • On Day 103, a message indicated Mexico City Wild Wings's batter Baldwin Jones scored, despite not being in a position to do so (3 outs had been recorded). No run was added to the Wild Wings' score. The Shoe Thieves won the game by a single run, and with it the championship.


This section is about Messages mentioning the Charleston Shoe Thieves, for a complete list see Messages#Season_1.

On Day 23 a Facts Machine message appeared, listing players and teams who had ranked the highest in something. The Shoe Thieves are shown as having only allowed 58 runs so far.

Fun Fact! League Leaders through Game 23!
Runs Allowed
1. Breath Mints - 49
2. Georgias - 53
3. Shoe Thieves - 58
4. Wild Wings - 61
5. Mechanics - 67
Avatar facts machine.png @facts_machine

After Day 90 and the season ended, a similar message showed the final League Leaders, with the Shoe Thieves still in the Runs Allowed Leaderboard.

Fun Fact! Final Season 1 League Leaders!
Team Runs Allowed
1. Breath Mints - 208
2. Shoe Thieves - 209
3. Wild Wings - 247
4. Fridays - 268
5. Mechanics - 295
Avatar facts machine.png @facts_machine

Following the win of the Charleston Shoe Thieves over the Mexico City Wild Wings at the Season's Internet Series, the Commissioner submitted a message conferring the first Officialy Notarized Golden Record.

Congratulations Champions
Our Kicks! As ILB Commissioner and legal Notary, I hereby confer upon the Charleston Shoe Thieves the title of Season 1 Champion with a Golden Record of 65-25 and all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto!
Thank you for watching Internet League #Blaseball Season 1! See you at the Election tomorrow. Polls close at 1pm eastern, 10am pacific! Don't forget to #Vote!
Avatar blaseball.png @blaseball


The Charleston Shoe Thieves made the Postseason as the 2nd seed in the Good Conference.

Division Series vs. Kansas City Breath Mints

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 92 Horizon (weather) Hops Chen 🍬 5 - 6 👟 Premjeet Liu
Day 93 Horizon (weather) Conrad Twelve 🍬 0 - 1 👟 Alexandria Rosales
Day 94 Horizon (weather) Hatfield Suzuki 🍬 1 - 3 👟 Kit Adamses

The Shoe Thieves took the series 3 - 0 and advanced to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finals vs. Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 96 Horizon (weather) Premjeet Liu 👟 6 - 7 🌞 Carter Grimsley
Day 97 Horizon (weather) Alexandria Rosales 👟 5 - 4 🌞 London Simmons
Day 98 Horizon (weather) Kit Adamses 👟 10 - 3 🌞 Grollis Zephyr
Day 99 Horizon (weather) Washer Barajas 👟 5 - 3 🌞 Dunn Keyes

The Shoe Thieves took the series 3 - 1 and advanced to the Finals.

Finals vs. Mexico City Wild Wings

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 100 Horizon (weather) Anastasia Isarobot 🍗 1 - 0 👟 Premjeet Liu
Day 101 Horizon (weather) Enid Slumps 🍗 0 - 3 👟 Alexandria Rosales
Day 102 Horizon (weather) Engine Eberhardt 🍗 3 - 6 👟 Kit Adamses
Day 103 Horizon (weather) Vernon Sierpinski 🍗 2 - 3 👟 Washer Barajas

The Shoe Thieves took the series 3 - 1 and became the Season 1 Internet Series Champions.

Election Outcomes

The Shoe Thieves won one Blessing in Season 1. Former Shoe Thieves Terrell Bradley and Simon Haley were directly affected by the Opening of the Forbidden Book.