Charleston Shoe Thieves/Beta/Season 21

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In Season β21 the Charleston Shoe Thieves finished once again with a negative win-loss record.

That season, Richardson Games was the first player to steal the Fifth Base. Following Latesiesta, the Shoe Thieves were the first team to experience a Voicemail.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation


Stadium Renovations


The Shoe Thieves were listed as top contributors to the Hawai'i Fridays with 12%.

  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Shoe Thieves received 3 Gifts! - 13,471,780 coins contributed
    • Top Contributors:
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Fireproof, Team Edition - Wishlist #1
      • The Shoe Thieves are safe from incinerations for the rest of the season!
        • +  Fireproof
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Early to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #2
    • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
      Bargain Bin - Wishlist #3
      • Esme Ramsey dropped Bat.
        • - Bat
      • Esme Ramsey gained Sharp Gravity Holey Glove.
        • + Sharp Gravity Holey Glove
        • +  Gravity
        • Overall 14.2 -> 14.2 + 0.8

Roster Changes

In Season 21, the Shoe Thieves experienced 2 Faxes and 2 Voicemails.

The Shoe Thieves entered Party Time on Day 85 and experienced 9 parties:

Notable Games

  • On Day 17, Richardson Games was the first player to steal (and pick up) the Fifth Base. Games put the base back in the Oven later that same game.
  • On Day 84, the Overperforming Philly Pies shutout the Underperforming Shoe Thieves in Birds weather, 29 to 0, marking a new shutout record.

Library Reveals

This section is about reveals concerning the Charleston Shoe Thieves, for information about the rest of the League see Library.

Following the Season β21 Elections, information about the Shoe Thieves' past was revealed in the Library.

In A Rivalry, Megan Ito was revealed to have been a Shoe Thieves pitcher during Season C. Megan Ito pitched against Parker MacMillan of the Canada Artists and ended up being Shamed in the Season C finals. This game took place in the newly revealed Night weather. In Season D, the two players faced again with Parker MacMillan then playing for the Oregon Psychics. Parker once again shamed the Shoe Thieves.

Election Outcomes