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Simba Davis was a player in the Shadows for the Charleston Shoe Thieves, and was with the team from Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Davis joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Charleston Shoe Thieves with the Return of Blaseball.

Davis joined the Shoe Thieves' active pitching rotation during the Season β13 elections after Tillman Henderson was Returned to the Hall of Flame.

During the Season β14 elections, Davis retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Blood Hamburger as a result of the Shoe Thieves' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 7.5 8.2 stat increase.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Origin Story

Prophecies among the gods foretold of a Blaseball pitcher so strong, so captivating, and so talented that it would change the game—and the world—forever. This player is none other than Simba Davis...

...Or at least, this is the story that Davis tells.

Davis always knew she was destined for great things in blaseball, ever since she made up a fake backstory involving the Blaseball gods as her motivation for playing. In her eyes, becoming the greatest pitcher in history was her ultimate destiny.

This particular obsession with Blaseball may or may not have originated when Davis viewed a VHS tape that had recorded the Grand Unslam. When she tried to play it, the Grand Unslam poured into her mind. She and the VCR are now psychically linked. In addition to having a photographic memory, she can replay her memories for others on a screen. When she zones out, her eyes look like static.

From the Shoe Thieves' shadows, Davis saw Gunther O'Brian go from 0 stars to being the best pitcher on the team. She idolizes him and wants to follow in his footsteps. She does not understand the concept of a penguin, so she sees him as an alien from a far off planet, destined to guide her along her path to pitching domination.

Davis was called from the Shadows when Tillman Henderson mysteriously returned to the Hall.


Simba Davis has dark brown skin and pink hair. She often wears headbands, and owns one for every occasion. She recently also started wearing hats, noting, "all the 'cool' players wear their hat backwards." She fashioned the VCR into a fanny pack, where she also stores extra Blaseballs. To help build strength, she wears weights while she pitches, a strategy that has helped her reach nearly the highest ERA in Blaseball history (of which she is very proud).

Life with the Shoe Thieves

Over a bit of time with the Thieves, Davis learned about a plan called "Pitcher of Blood," which involved moving Blood Hamburger into the Shadows to then switch with the worst pitcher on the team. They know that, as the weakest pitcher, their time on the team may be short. They're determined to earn a place on the team before then.

Davis, in addition being known as "the ERA Queen" (a title she is very proud of), is known for her theatrics on the field. She sometimes is wheeled out onto the field atop an old media cart, striking poses. She is also known to name her pitches, yelling them as she throws (ex. "4-seam Hypernova Fastball"; "Sinker of Ultimate Darkness").

Davis has a rivalry with Fenry Marlow, who plays for the Hawaiʻi Fridays. When asked about this, Marlow responded with, "Rivalry? Simba's a great pal, don't see why I'd have a rivalry with someone so enthusiastic!" This has since only encouraged Simba to train harder to become the best blaseball pitcher in history.

Davis and Snyder Briggs appear to have an excellent working relationship, but are not often seen socializing. One can only assume that it is due to Davis filling the vacancy left by Tillman Henderson, with whom Briggs had a close friendship.

Simba's First Heist

During Season β14, Game 59, Cornelius Games was pitching and the game went into extra innings. This was Davis's first in-league heist, and Games wanted to cover her as she looted the Core Mechanics' locker room—but as Davis's as good at heisting as she is pitching, it took her extra innings to get out clean—so Games kept the scores even so she had plenty of extra time to escape before Stu Trololol cleaned up with a home run in the 17th.

Davis was supposed to grab Mindy Kugel's backup shoes and bolt, but like usual, she saw the Mechanics' team bus and had a better idea. During an extended training montage, she dragged and carried each tire back to the locker room, rather than "taking the coward's roll."

Games: "You were supposed to lift their shoes, not a bunch of bus tires!"
Davis: "I lifted their bus's shoes, and look, now we have more training equipment!"

Life in the Shadows

Since returning to the shadows, Simba has given herself the task of training the remaining shadows players. She felt qualified because of her season of experience in the ILB. No one knows for sure if the training is helpful or not, but the fax machine that was built in the Choux meant that players rotated in and out of the shadows more easily, so Simba may have some influence on those who get faxed out.

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