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In Season β3 the Charleston Shoe Thieves advanced to the playoffs, securing the second playoff spot in The Good League with a record of 60-40, and were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs against the San Francisco Lovers.

They experienced their first roster changes with a succession of incinerations.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen

Shadows were not visible on the website until Season β12.


Roster Changes

In Season 3, the Shoe Thieves were subject to 4 incinerations, 2 allergic reactions and one yummy reaction:

Notable Games


The Charleston Shoe Thieves made the Postseason as the 2nd seed in the Good League.

Round 1 vs. San Francisco Lovers

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher
Day 100
Solar Eclipse
Sandford Garner 💋 3 - 4 👟 Snyder Briggs
Day 101
Solar Eclipse
Milo Brown 💋 6 - 5 👟 Forrest Bookbaby
Day 102
Yosh Carpenter 💋 14 - 1 👟 Gunther O'Brian
Day 103
Parker Meng 💋 20 - 6 👟 Beasley Gloom

The San Francisco Lovers took the series 3 - 1. The Shoe Thieves were eliminated.

Election Outcomes

The Shoe Thieves did not get any blessings, but were affected by the following:

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Grand Unslam

For more information on this event, see The Grand Unslam.

In the 15th inning of a record-breaking game against the Los Angeles Tacos, former Shoe Thieves player Morrow Doyle hit a grand slam that shook the very foundations of blaseball itself. Both the Shoe Thieves and Tacos ended Day 74 of Season β3 with a record of 75 games, potentially a reflection of a disruption of spacetime.

  1. See The Grand Unslam for more information on the atypical 100th game.