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In Season β15 the Charleston Shoe Thieves once again finished last in Mild Low. This season was marked by the removal of the Discipline Era Items and Armor, as well as the advancement of the Investigation.

Due to Chorby Soul's Debt turning players Observed, this season marked the first Redactions of active players, including thieves' leadoff hitter Alx Keming and former member Ren Hunter. The Shoe Thieves also witnessed the first Attractor, who appeared in the Choux.

With Blood Pact, the Shoe Thieves had their first Blessing of the Expansion Era in the Season 15 Elections.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Shadow Lineup Shadow Rotation


Items Removal

Just before the start of Season β15, Day 1, Boss appeared to open the new season. During her opening speech, she mentionned the following:

We tossed that old junk weighing you down

This is assumed to be a direct reference to the immediate removal of the Discipline Era Items and Armor system. Out of the 20 deleted pieces of items or armor in the league, 12 were on active Shoe Thieves members:

Stadium Renovations

During Latesiesta, the Shoe Thieves built 2 renovations.

Roster Changes

In Season 15, the Shoe Thieves experienced a Redaction and a Consumer Attack:

The Shoe Thieves entered Party Time on Day 89 and experienced 5 parties:

Uncle Plasma's Investigation

See the main article on The Investigation.
At the start of Day 31, Uncle Plasma entered the Shoe Thieves' Shadows to Investigate. Plasma returned emptyhanded to the New York Millennials' Rotation at the end of the game, and repeated the process in the following 2 games of the series. At the end of Day 33, Plasma returned from their investigation a third time and the Choux lost its Crime Scene modification.

Notable Games

  • On Day 15, Ren Hunter, hitter from the starting Season 1 Roster, was Redacted from the New York Millennials.
  • On Day 59, Richardson Games and Herring Winfield both got Observed from Chorby Soul pitches. Despite Day 62 being under Coffee 2 weather, neither player was Redacted.
    • Incidentally, Day 59 also marked a new highest final score for a team, with 28 runs scored by the Shoe Thieves.
  • On Day 78, in a game between the Philly Pies and Yellowstone Magic, Kurt Crueller, who had been Observed on Day 75, entered the Secret Base and got Redacted. Soon after, Kurt exited from the Choux's Secret Base with a new modification: Attractor.
  • On Day 83, -imon Ha-ey executed the highest performing Skateboard Trick of the season with an "Ollie Oxenfree (4043)".
    • Simon also executed the second highest performing Skateboard Trick of the season with a "Pancake Flip (4032)" on Day 86.
  • On Day 94, Tad Seeth, who had mysteriously disappeared from the Shoe Thieves' Shadows at the end of Season 13, exited the Secret Base during a game between the Hades Tigers and Houston Spies and became an Attractor.

Election Outcomes


  • Bats passed with 846,391 Votes, 44% of all Decree Votes
  • Editor's Note: This decree unlocked the Items tab on Player profiles and granted 333 Players some form of Bat item. In an effort to keep this page navigable and readable, we have included here the Shoe Thieves' Bats. To see the full Decree Results for Season 15, visit the Season 15 Decree Results.



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