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Move was a Will introduced in the Expansion Era which allowed Fans to move a player on their Team to a new position on their roster.

Move was available from Season β15 to Season β22, serving as an alterative to Foreshadow and Swap.


To vote for Move, Fans are prompted to choose a player on their Team's roster, and to choose a position to move the player to.

Move Wills are executed as written, and can result on players being sent to other Teams. A notable example of this was during Season β20, when Atlantis Georgias batter Sosa Hayes wandered to the Miami Dale. The Move Will was filed before Hayes changed teams, and in the Season β20 elections, Hayes was moved from the Dale's lineup to the Georgias' lineup.

Election Results

Season 15

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Baltimore Crabs Squid Galvanic Lineup Shadows 32%
Hades Tigers Mummy Melcon Rotation Shadows 27%
Dallas Steaks Gallup Crueller Rotation Shadows 28%
Tokyo Lift Nandy Slumps Rotation Lineup 34%
Chicago Firefighters Lou Roseheart Lineup Rotation 27%
Core Mechanics Torus McGhee Rotation Shadows 35%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Kathy Mathews Rotation Lineup 34%
Houston Spies Morrow Wilson Lineup Shadows 34%
Hawai'i Fridays Juice Collins Lineup Rotation 39%
Ohio Worms Ephraim Ladd Rotation Shadows 17%
San Francisco Lovers Gita Biscuits Lineup Shadows 0%
Atlantis Georgias Flattery McKinley Rotation Lineup 23%
Seattle Garages Jaylen Hotdogfingers Shoe Thieves Shadows Rotation 18%

Season 16

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Ohio Worms Cantus Hojo Lineup Shadows 24%
Houston Spies Becker Solis Rotation Shadows 41%
Kansas City Breath Mints Eizabeth Guerra Lineup Shadows 40%
Philly Pies Ruslan Greatness Rotation Lineup 41%
Yellowstone Magic James Mora Rotation Lineup 41%
Hawai'i Fridays Baldwin Breadwinner Lineup Rotation 0%
San Francisco Lovers Milo Brown Lineup Rotation 1%
Atlantis Georgias Flattery McKinley Rotation Lineup 32%
Tokyo Lift Gerund Pantheocide Rotation Lineup 28%
Mexico City Wild Wings Roscoe Sundae Lineup Shadows 29%
Miami Dale Rivers Clembons Rotation Lineup 32%
Seattle Garages Alaynabella Hollywood Shadows Lineup 19%

Season 17

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Yellowstone Magic Francisco Preston Shadows Lineup 40%
Dallas Steaks Ronan Jaylee Rotation Lineup 38%
Miami Dale Riley Firewall Lineup Rotation 18%
Houston Spies Sosa Hayes Rotation Shadows 37%
Canada Moist Talkers Carmelo Plums Lineup Rotation 12%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Mikan Hammer Rotation Shadows 3%
Seattle Garages Fitzgerald Wanderlust Rotation Shadows 19%
Atlantis Georgias Jon Tumblehome Lineup Shadows 29%
Mexico City Wild Wings Ronan Combs Lineup Shadows 16%
Boston Flowers Scores Baserunner Rotation Lineup 32%
Kansas City Breath Mints Fynn Doyle Rotation Shadows 15%
New York Millennials Albert Stink Rotation Shadows 25%
Hellmouth Sunbeams Dudley Mueller Shadows Lineup 32%
San Francisco Lovers Cannonball Sports Rotation Lineup 26%
Core Mechanics Kofi Gildehaus Rotation Shadows 17%

Season 18

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Philly Pies Nerd Pacheco Rotation Shadows 37%
Miami Dale Rivers Clembons Rotation Lineup 38%
Hades Tigers Aldon Cashmoney No Move No Move 31%
Core Mechanics Mindy Kugel Lineup Shadows 24%
Baltimore Crabs Montgomery Bullock Lineup Shadows 32%
Dallas Steaks Patel Beyonce Lineup Shadows 12%
Ohio Worms Xandra Pancakes Rotation Shadows 31%
Atlantis Georgias Wyatt Mason IV Lineup Rotation 30%
Kansas City Breath Mints Lucas Petty Rotation Shadows 45%
San Francisco Lovers NaN Shadows Lineup 2%
Seattle Garages Theodore Duende Lineup Shadows 25%

Cashmoney was Preserved at the end of the Season β18 regular season, and these votes were filed prior to this occurring. As a result, the Move failed, and the Tigers were granted Aldon Cashmoney II for the duration of Season β19.

Season 19

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Kansas City Breath Mints Trinity Roche Lineup Shadows 42%
New York Millennials Greer Gwiffin Rotation Lineup 38%
LA Unlimited Tacos Fish Summer Shadows Lineup 45%
Houston Spies Mohammed Picklestein Rotation Shadows 19%
Hawai'i Fridays Mordecai Kingbird Shadows Shadows 1%

Season 20

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Kansas City Breath Mints Hierophantic Foible Lineup Shadows 44%
Houston Spies Math Velazquez Lineup Shadows 39%
Hawai'i Fridays Yasslyn Statter Jr. Rotation Shadows 48%
Core Mechanics Shirai McElroy Steaks Rotation Shadows 17%
LA Unlimited Tacos NaN Lineup Shadows 19%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Zippy DeShields Lineup Shadows 6%
Tokyo Lift Grollis Zephyr Rotation Shadows 21%
Miami Dale Rush Ito Shadows Lineup 2%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Donna Milicic Lineup Shadows 11%
Ohio Worms Rivers Rosa Shadows Shadows 2%
Boston Flowers Owen Picklestein Shadows Lineup 6%
Mexico City Wild Wings Nickname Yamashita Lineup Shadows 1%

Season 21

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Philly Pies Ruslan Greatness Lineup Shadows 14%
New York Millennials Anathema Elemefayo Rotation Shadows 36%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Lancelot Kane Lineup Shadows 5%
Yellowstone Magic Wyatt Glover Lineup Rotation 33%
Hellmouth Sunbeams Harriet Gildehaus Rotation Shadows 18%
Chicago Firefighters Geepa Beanpot Lineup Shadows 36%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Richardson Games Lineup Lineup 6%
Atlantis Georgias Clove Ji-Eun Lineup Shadows 25%
Mexico City Wild Wings Burke Gonzales Lineup Rotation 33%

Season 22

Filing Team Player Moved From Moved To Final Odds
Baltimore Crabs Silvaire Roadhouse Rotation Lineup 35%
Atlantis Georgias Sosa Hayes Dale Lineup Lineup 7%
Mexico City Wild Wings Doginic Burgertoes Shadows Rotation 2%
Philly Pies Twofurious Puddles Rotation Shadows 42%
LA Unlimited Tacos Vito Kravitz Rotation Shadows 34%
Miami Dale Sixpack Santiago Lineup Rotation 4%
Hawai'i Fridays Alyssa Harrell Lineup Shadows 21%
Canada Moist Talkers Greer Lott Lineup Rotation 19%
Boston Flowers Chorby Short Fridays Lineup Shadows 10%
Yellowstone Magic Logan Rodriguez Shadows Lineup 16%
Hades Tigers Paula Turnip Rotation Shadows 1%