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Swap was a Will introduced in the Expansion Era which allowed Fans to swap the positions of two players on their Team.

Swap was active from Seasons β20 to Season β22, replacing Foreshadow as a more flexible option.


To vote for Swap, Fans are prompted to choose two players on their Team's roster. If that Will is executed, the players will swap positions.

Swap Wills are executed as written, and can result in players changing Teams. A notable example occurred in the Season β21 elections, which saw Huber Frumple swapping Teams twice via the Move Will. This was enabled due to Frumple obtaining the The Fifth Base during the regular season.

Election Results

Season 20

Filing Team Player A Moved To Player B Moved To Final Odds
Dallas Steaks Wyatt Mason IV Shadows Zephyr McCloud Lineup 33%
LA Unlimited Tacos Yummy Elliott Rotation Basilio Mason Lineup 19%
Baltimore Crabs Pedro Davids Shadows Kaz Fiasco Lineup 24%
New York Millennials Schneider Bendie Rotation Castillo Turner Lineup 8%
Philly Pies Doc Anice Lineup Usurper Violet Shadows 30%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Cornelius Games Shadows Richardson Games Lineup 38%
Ohio Worms Xandra Pancakes Rotation Rivers Rosa Shadows 2%
Atlantis Georgias Erin Jesaulenko Rotation Nanci Grackle Lineup 23%
San Francisco Lovers Tot Fox Shadows Kurt Crueller Lineup 6%
Seattle Garages Arturo Huerta Rotation Tot Clark Lineup 13%
Mexico City Wild Wings Scarlet Caster Shadows Wyatt Glover Lineup 6%

Season 21

Filing Team Player A Moved To Player B Moved To Final Odds
Hawai'i Fridays Don Mitchell Rotation Yosh Carpenter Lineup 38%
Philly Pies Huber Frumple Shadows Doginic Burgertoes Wild Wings Lineup 30%
Yellowstone Magic Halexandrey Walton Shadows Bones Piazza Lineup 1%
Miami Dale Sixpack Santiago Shadows Caleb Novak Rotation 7%
San Francisco Lovers Silvia Winner Lineup Jacob Winner Rotation 13%
Mexico City Wild Wings Huber Frumple Shadows Kline Nightmare Pies Shadows 22%

Season 22

Filing Team Player A Moved To Player B Moved To Final Odds
San Francisco Lovers Kurt Crueller Shadows Theo King Lineup 15%
Core Mechanics Jolene Willowtree Shadows Ilane Snart Rotation 1%
Seattle Garages Fitzgerald Wanderlust Shadows Betsy Trombone Rotation 2%
Boston Flowers Chorby Short Shadows Wade Howe Rotation 5%