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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Clawricle is the Head Coach for the Baltimore Crabs.

The nature of the Crabs coach has been the object of much speculation. The only confirmed details surrounded them are that they are known as "the Clawricle" and are stated to have the gift of prophecy.

Some reports have alleged that the Clawricle was once a Little League coach who drowned in the Old Bay. This coach then found themselves resurrected at the pincers of the Olde One, their skin rotted, their hands replaced with pincers and their eyes replaced with pearls, a gift from the Mother Crab.

Another tale has suggested the Clawricle is a shockingly a lobster, an immortal survivor of the Lobster War who discovered the slumbering site of Big Deborah. This lobster converted to crab kind and was announced the Clawricle to aid the Deep One's beloved Baltimore Crabs.

There are also persistent rumours the Clawricle comes from a more material realm, where they were the sporting mascot "Crazy Crab"[1], before travelling through The Snipping Gates of Brachyura into the immaterial realm. This journey is said to have resulted in "Crazy Crab" living up to their name but they do still have a gift for strategy.

Baltimore Crabs public relations have staunchly denied rumours that the Clawricle is merely a king crab that Kennedy Loser has armed with a tarot deck.