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Yellowstone National Park

National Park Service Standardized Irregularity Report

Documenting Researcher: Doctor Hedgeman

Irregularity Designation: YS-178 (“Two signs diverged in a Yellow wood”)

Irregularity Class: Native

Park Management Protocol:
Rangers equipped with warded maps are stationed near every applicable sign, ready to give out correct info.
Closures of locations in which signage is important to public safety.
Wards placed at the base of signs slows rate of change, although no permanent solution has been found.
Replacing the signs does little other than restart the process, although removed signs seem to revert after a period of REDACTED

Irregularity Description:
The signs at Yellowstone National Park seem to be affected by the natural magic aura of the area, in which their visual appearance changes, seemingly at random. Changes range from a font switch to smaller letters, though records of completely new designs have also been taken. While harmless for the most part, on rare occasions the messages themselves have been reversed. For example, a sign stating “PLEASE STAY ON THE PATHS” was changed to “PLEASE EXPLORE, ESPECIALLY OFF THE PATHS!” This resulted in a small number of guests temporarily REDACTED, although this was later reversed thanks to a collaboration between the Park Rangers and REDACTED.

Additional Notes:
[Recovered from Ranger Redacted, after their encounter with the sign.]"
“I’ve been stationed at the “Stay on the Paths” sign, down by the REDACTED It’s super boring, and half the time nobody’s even here to warn. The REDACTED sign hasn’t even changed. I think. It doesn’t even matter! Who cares if some family wanders the wrong way!? We pay way more in order to REDACTED anyways! Oh wait, here’s a guest. Time to yell at them about local biodiversity or something.” After the discovery of this document, Ranger REDACTED was REDACTED for a period of REDACTED. Afterwards, the only sentence they could say was “Stay on the paths. This is a threat. REDACTED.”