National Park Service

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Park Service is the current legal owner of the Yellowstone Magic.


After the incineration of Famous Oconnor and its consequences, The Oconnor Family abandoned their patronage of the Magic. After consulting the various scrolls and tomes tracking the teams ownership, Park Service was determined to be the rightful heir to the franchise due to a longstanding and ancient compact. The exact legality of such a document was questioned by some, but with no other able, (or willing) parties, stewardship was quickly handed over.

Park Service is a unique and eccentric organization, which seems very in touch with the natural energies of the park and is known for their meticulous record keeping. They quickly made a number of changes which allowed for a greater and wilder flow of magics across the park. They deal with the team mostly through a number of representatives acting in service of a mysterious owner. Little is known about the controlling leadership, and none of the players have met the true owner.

The Magic's performance in Season 2 improved dramatically after this change in ownership, possibly because Coach Merlinmeyer spends far fewer resources placing protective wards on the players.