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Psychic is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β16 Election as a result of the Mind Trick blessing. It is an Exclusive Modification of the Houston Spies and the Oregon Psychics.


Players on a team with the Psychic modification have a chance of reversing a bad outcome with a Mind Trick. There are two different outcomes that a player can reverse. If the player is a batter and they strike out, they can use a Mind Trick to turn it into a walk. If the player is a pitcher and they walk a batter, they can use a Mind Trick to make the batter strike out instead.


The Psychic modification was first seen in the Season β16 Election as the blessing Mind Trick, with the description "Give your Team Psychic Blood." The Houston Spies earned this Blessing, with the team earning this Modification:

Psychic's effects were first seen on Season β17 Day 3, when Yrjö Kerfuffle first used it to turn a strikeout into a walk. The pitcher version of Mind Trick was seen the next day on Day 4, when Bennett Bluesky turned Logan Horseman's walk into a strikeout.


Interactions with other Blood Types

Base Blood (Base Instincts)

On Season β17 Day 91, the Spies played against the Hellmouth Sunbeams. The Solarium's PsychoAcoustics echoed Psychic to the Sunbeams, giving it to them in addition to their Base Instincts Modification. When struck out, Sunbeams batter Hendricks Richardson first used a Mind Trick to walk to first, then Base Instincts to head to second. This was the first time a player made use of two blood types simultaneously.

Fire Blood (Double Strike)

On Season β18 Day 60, the Spies played against the Hades Tigers, who have the Fiery Modification. Famous Owens fired off a Double Strike, and Yeong-Ho Garcia struck out; Garcia immediately used a Mind Trick to walk instead.

Love Blood (Charm)

On Season β20 Day 7, the Spies played against the San Francisco Lovers, who have the Charm Modification. Mindy Salad charmed Comfort Septemberish in order to make them strike out willingly. Immediately afterward, however, they used a Mind Trick to walk instead.

A Blood (A Blood Type)

The Charleston Shoe Thieves gained A Blood Type in the Season β18 Elections, giving them a random Blood Type modification each game. They first received Psychic blood on Season β19 Day 17, and first activated it on Day 28, when batter Cornelius Games used two Mind Tricks to convert two strikeouts into walks.