A Blood Type

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A Blood Type is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β18 Election as a result of the A Blood Type blessing.


At the beginning of each game, Teams with A Blood Type will randomly be given another Blood Type, with the text "The X have A Blood Type."


The A Blood Type was first seen during the Season β18 election as the blessing A Blood Type, with the description "Give your Team A Blood.".

The first activation of A Blood Type, granting the Shoe Thieves 0 No.

The Charleston Shoe Thieves earned this blessing, with the Team earning the modification:

A Blood Type's effects were revealed on Season β19, Day 1 when the Shoe Thieves were given  0 No for their game against the Core Mechanics. Over the rest of the Expansion Era, A Blood Type granted each Blood Type to the Shoe Thieves the following amount of times:

Blood Type Activations Percentage
Acidic 43 7.12%
Psychic 45 7.45%
AAA 45 7.45%
Grass 46 7.62%
H20 48 7.95%
Fire 50 8.28%
0 No 51 8.44%
0 51 8.44%
Base 53 8.77%
AA 57 9.44%
Electric 57 9.44%
Love 58 9.60%
Total 604 100%


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