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Used to display a modification with its icon. Use:

{{Modif| [modification name here] | [Number of season, if season based, otherwise leave blank] }}

For example:
 Targeted Shame (Season 5)


 0 No
 Affinity for Crows
 Base Instincts
 Bird Seed
 Blood Pity
 Blood Winner
 Blood Thief
 Blood Donor
 Bottom Dweller
 Credit to the Team
 Curse of Crows
 Refinanced Debt
 Refinanced Debt
 Consolidated Debt
 Fire Eater
 First Born
 Free Will
 Friend of Crows
 Hard Boiled
 High Pressure
 Honey Roasted
 Idol Immune
 Life of the Party
 Maintenance Mode
 Over Under
 Under Over
 Peanut Rain
 Sinking Ship
 Heating Up...
 Red Hot!
 Sun Dialed
 Super Idol
 Total Fairness
 Well Rested
 Base Dealing
 The Fifth Base
 The Fourth Strike
 Home Field Advantage
 Late to the Party
 Party Time
 Targeted Shame
 Walk in the Park
 Walk in the Park
 Fire Protector
 Free Refill
 Triple Threat
 Buttered Up
 Over Salted
 Big Buckets
 Heat Magnet
 Peanut Mister
 Solar Panels
 Crime Scene