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All fans of the Chicago Firefighters are from Chicago. Once someone chooses to be a fan of the Chicago Firefighters, they are from that moment on from Chicago.[1] At this time, it is unknown if this changes should a fan no longer support the Chicago Firefighters, as no one has yet been foolish enough to try.

A popular fan common space is The Spot, a dog-friendly bar and grill where fans often meet to discuss games, be from Chicago, and get $3 Royal Crown Malort shots hosed down at you from behind the bar.

Fans are also frequently found congregating around The Blean, possibly due to its tourist-repelling properties, although those who return from the area often claim that they did not intend to visit it.


The official drink of the Firefighters is Royal Crown Malort.


The most popular Firefighters chant is "We Are From Chicago" and its variations. It is commonly shorted to "WAFC" and accompanied by the 馃敟 emoji. It may also be accompanied by other firefighting related emoji, such as 馃Н and 馃殥. Occasionally, it is a hashtag.

Fans will shout these chants together in unison as a show of solidarity for many events, including winning a game, gaining a point, or even personal achievements. It is considered a greeting, farewell, and motto all at once.

Variations on this chant include:

  • We Are From Chicago!
  • WAFC
  • Chicago Is Where We Are From
  • (Player Name) Is From Chicago!

The Firefighters also have several player and position specific chants. When Baby Triumphant is on the field in peanut weather, fans may chant "EAT THE PEANUT BABY" to express their hopes that Baby will have a yummy reaction. When Joshua Butt makes a play, fans often attribute it to them clenching or clapping their cheeks, occasionally accompanied by the 馃崙 emoji. When the Firefighters are on defense, fans may chant "WALL OF FIRE", often surrounding the words with 馃敟 emoji to represent the wall.

Official Fight Song - We Are From Chicago

We're all from Chicago

no matter where we are

We're all from Chicago

fires burning in our heart

Chicago lives inside us

whisp'ring secrets in our ear

And wherever Firefighters roam

they bring Chicago here!

(Chorus, call and response)

Where are you from?


Where are you from?


Where are you from?




Fight, you war-ri-ors in red

Douse the fires 'cross the land

Battle on with valor

Till we make them understand

We're all from Chicago

In New York and in LA

We're all in Chicago

And we're all here to stay!

(Repeat Chorus)

Written by: Sam Greszes Performed by: Adira