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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Betsy, also commonly known as Mrs. O'Leary, is the Chicago Firefighters' secondary, unofficial mascot and The Firefighter's mighty steed and greatest rival. She is also a cow.

Mascot Role

As a fire-starting cow, Betsy regularly starts fires for the Firefighter to put out, both in and outside of the stadium. Whenever Betsy kicks, the lantern behind her falls and breaks, starting a fire. There is always a lantern behind Betsy when she kicks.

Whenever the Firefighters score a home run, the fire bell goes off and Betsy kicks over a lantern. This causes the Royal Crown Malort hoses to spray throughout the stadium, putting out the fire.


Betsy is most famous for causing the Great Chicago Blaseball Fire, a tragic fire that destroyed much of Chicago, including the original Fire House and the original Firefighters team. Not much is known about her origins beyond a few burnt remains of an Arsonist's Grimoire, which is speculated to be where Betsy learned her fire-starting abilities.

As a cow, she is unable to speak, and thus cannot explain why she is so fond of kicking over lanterns or her motivations behind the Great Fire.