Great Chicago Blaseball Fire

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Great Chicago Blaseball Fire was a massive conflagration that struck Chicago on █/█/█. The fire destroyed upwards of 98% of the city, including the former stadium of the Chicago Firefighters. It is largely regarded as both the greatest tragedy and blessing to ever strike Chicago, as while it destroyed much of the city, it is also credited with creating the blaseball-centric culture now surrounding the Chicago Firefighters, and Chicago itself.

Origin and Spread

The Great Chicago Blaseball Fire was allegedly started when, during a scrimmage being run between the Hellmouth Sunbeams and Hades Tigers, a hellfire-fastball hit by an unidentified player was struck with such force that it flew through the crust of the earth and struck directly through the home plate of the former Fire House stadium. The hellfire almost immediately consumed the majority of Chicago. The only area that was largely spared from this destruction was a 10 mile radius surrounding The Blean, as it’s vantablack properties absorbed all heat from the hellfire within this area.

Role of Chicago Firefighters

As the fire raged through Chicago, an emergency city council meeting voted to move nearly the entirety of the city’s emergency funds into the firefighters, in an act of desperation to save the city. Through a freak bureaucratic accident, instead of being directed to the city’s fire department, this funding was directed to the fledgling Blaseball team of Chicago, the Firefighters. Free reign over this funding gave them near total control of the city, and led to the Blaseball-centric Chicago that we know today. The way the team handled this funding was regarded as ‘extremely well’ by the city’s residents, as they managed to finally put out the blaze themselves after a period of █ days.

Hydrant water had to be rationed during this time of firefighting, as there simply was not enough to put out the conflagration. This led to player Joshua Butt inventing Royal Crown Malort, which tripled the amount of liquid available to fight the fire. Without its invention, many experts say the fire would still be blazing to this day.