Butt's Law

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Butt's Law is a rule of the universe (specifically Chicago), which states that all good things must come in 3s.


Butt's Law is named after Joshua Butt, a batter for the Chicago Firefighters. They have been intrinsically linked to the concept of 3s since their inception in this world, and consistently create trios of objects, concepts, or people as the pioneer of Butt's Law.

Fans coined the term after noticing the pattern of threes appearing consistently around and among the Firefighters, starting with Butt's infamous Triple Butt technique, where Joshua consistently goes to bat and hits triples.


Some examples of Butt's Law at work are:

  • Joshua Butt's Triple Butt technique.
  • Royal Crown Malort.
  • The Trineural Podcast format, in which three podcasts must be listened to at once to hear the true podcast content.
  • The Third Base Coach for the Firefighters.
  • The Firefighters' three Twitter pages: the Official Official Twitter, the Official Twitter, and the Unofficial Twitter.
  • The three Blessings received by the Chicago Firefighters at the end of Season β3, from which Joshua Butt himself received a 3 star rating.
  • After Joshua Butt's incineration in Season 12, Firefighter's batter Baby Triumphant hit a triple in the bottom of the 3rd inning, in what was widely interpreted as a tribute to the late Butt.