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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Hlomecoming (referred to in some regions as Plom) is a REDACTED tradition in the Immaterial Plane. Following a blaseball team's entry into Party Time and the Postseason, the team, staff, fans, friends and REDACTEDs all come together to welcome the team "hlome". Activities to celebrate hlomecoming vary widely from region to region, but good food, good company, and dressing to impress are a common theme throughout hlomecomings.

The first recorded instance of Hlomecoming occurred at the end of Season β8, hosted by the Dallas Steaks, at their home ground the George Foreman Stadium.


The inaugural league-wide blaseball hlomecoming arose from an invitation extended by The Collective Dadconscious to all[1], for a post-season cookout. This event somehow escalated[2] into a formalwear dance evening to, close out the Season and await the announcement of Election results.

The Steaks remained the (self-appointed) caterers of the event, serving corndogs[3].

Hlomecoming Royalty

Hlomecomings often feature a ballot to select and crown hlomecoming monarchs. Nominees are submitted by REDACTED, and a shortlist put up for election. While tradition dictates that two monarchs are chosen via popular vote, the inaugural hlomecoming crowned the following:

Inaugural Hlomecoming Monarchs


  1. except transphobes, as per Steaks tradition.
  2. The exact sequence of events leading from a regularly-scheduled Steaks cookout into the event known as "hlomecoming" is debated by historians to this day.
  3. both bone-in and boneless.