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Hard Boiled is a Player Modification, first seen during the Coffee Cup on BC Noir players Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend.

Scrambled is a Player Modification, first seen in Season β16 after Liquid Friend became an Attractor.

Yolked is a Player Modification, first seen during the Season β20 Elections when Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend were returned to the Vault.


When a Hard Boiled player plays an away game in a ballpark with the Crime Scene Modification, they will leave their team's roster temporarily and enter the home team's Shadows to investigate. They will return to their original team at the end of the game and the stadium will lose the Crime Scene modification. Hard Boiled players can produce Investigation events, which when upshelled produce Pickled Herring, which can be used to unredact redacted entries in the Library.

The exact effects of Scrambled are unknown, though it replaced Hard Boiled when seen on Liquid Friend, and prevented them from performing actions related to The Investigation.

When two Hard Boiled players are in the same Location, they will become Yolked. Yolked players can defend themselves and other players from Consumer attacks. Each defense has a different flavor text describing how the Yolked player defended from the attack.

An example of the messages shown when a Yolked player defends from a consumer:



The Hard Boiled modification was first seen during the Coffee Cup with the introduction of BC Noir and its two players, Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma, who were both Hard Boiled. Plasma and Friend would retain the modification upon being recruited to the New York Millennials and San Francisco Lovers during the Season β12 Elections via the Uncle Indemnity and The Big Sip Blessings, respectively.

Upon The Meadow and The Choux being declared Crime Scenes during the Season β14 Elections due to the disappearance of Brisket Friendo and Tad Seeth the previous Season, the Hard Boiled detectives began their Investigation. When a Hard Boiled player plays in a Crime Scene, they will temporarily leave their team's roster and join the Shadows of the home team. At the end of the game, the Hard Boiled player will return to their original team and the stadium will no longer be a Crime Scene. Hard Boiled players also produce Investigation events as they investigate.

Scrambled was first seen after Liquid Friend was Redacted in Season β15 and later reappeared as an Attractor on Season β16, Day 48. After becoming an Attractor, Friend's Hard Boiled mod had become Scrambled and Friend no longer produced Investigation events.

After Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend were returned to the Vault at the conclusion of the Investigation during the Season β20 Elections, Friend was Unscrambled and became Hard Boiled. Now in the same location in the Vault, Plasma and Friend both became Yolked.

With the introduction of Replicas of Plasma and Friend in the Season β21 and Season β22 Gift Shops, Yolked Replicas would begin to defend players from Consumer attacks in games their teams were playing.