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Maximalist and Minimalist are a pair of Modifications first seen in the Season β14 Election  that causes players to perform 250% better and 75% worse respectively in Maximum Blaseball.


Maximalist causes a player to perform 250% better in Maximum Blaseball.

Minimalist causes a player to perform 75% worse in Maximum Blaseball.


Maximalist and Minimalist were both introduced in the Season β14 Election with the Min-Maxing blessing. Min-Maxing was described as: "Every Team in your division gets one Minimalist and one Maximalist."

The Blessing was won by the Seattle Garages, and resolved as follows:

Maximalist was also a modification which could be found on items with the Maxi element, though only one such item was seen during the entirety of the Expansion Era. Elvis Figueroa of the Hellmouth Sunbeams received a pair of Maxi Socks on Season β24, Day 3, in Glitter weather against the Boston Flowers. Figueroa acquired the Socks at the bottom of the tenth inning while Lenny Spruce was up to bat, after the Sunbeams had been shamed by the Flowers who had loaded the bases with two outs. Spruce proceeded to go to one ball off Maximum Blaseball before hitting a flyout and ending the game.


  • Due to winning gaining the Maximalist modification in Season 14, as well as having the Echo Modification, Wyatt Mason X has, on multiple occasions, had both the Minimalist and Maximalist modification at the same time.

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