Good Riddance

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Good Riddance is a Team Modification, first seen during the Season β18 elections as a result of the Bon Voyage blessing.


Whenever a Player with the Roamin' or Super Roamin' modification leaves a Team with Good Riddance, the Team will Party four times based on where the Player was located. If the Player was active, the lineup and rotation will party. If the Player was in the Shadows, the Shadows will party.


During the Season β18 elections, Good Riddance was offered for the first and only time via the Bon Voyage blessing, which was won by the Charleston Shoe Thieves and granted the Team the modification.

Good Riddance has activated four times since the Shoe Thieves obtained the modification.

Season 18 Elections

As Roamin' and Super Roamin' activate after blessings are given, the Shoe Thieves immediately activated the modification as player Stew Briggs Roamed away from the Shoe Thieves to the Ohio Worms.

Season 19 Election

During the Season β19 elections, the Shoe Thieves received the Shadow Revoke will, Revoking Shadow player Bright Zimmerman, and activating Good Riddance for their Shadows.

Season 24, Days 72 and 81

On Season 24, Day 72, Super Roamin' player Parker MacMillan Super Roamed away from the Shoe Thieves at the conclusion of the game, activating Good Riddance.

Castillo Turner also Super Roamed to the Shoe Thieves as a result of The Fifth Base on Day 72, which activated Good Riddance on Day 81 when Turner left the Team again.


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