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Nicolaus Mora

Nicolaus Mora (anglicized as Nicholas Mora on his official records) is considered extremely difficult to coach, as he only speaks the Latin language, which unfortunately is unknown to anyone else with the team. While his teammates find him friendly enough, the language barrier often isolates him, causing him to sit alone in the locker room poring over astronomical maps. It is unknown how Mora is a seemingly native speaker of Latin, a language which has not had native speakers for thousands of years. When asked, he responded, "Cum matre tua heri nocte cenavi et sermone longo et alto fructi sumus." This did not shed any light on his background.

The Gray Sessions/History

An interview with Latinist Arnold Gray, intended to be confidential, was recently leaked, indicating that Mora was raised by in the mountains of Germany by extremely religious parents who followed an unusual creed. They only spoke Latin, based on the idea that it was the language of God. His childhood was spent reading his parents' heavily edited Latin Bible and looking at the night sky. When his parents died in an avalanche, Mora left the mountain for the first time. One of the first memories he has from this experience is seeing a Blaseball game on TV, which instantly enthralled him.

He dedicated himself to the splort and, after bouncing around various teams in the European Underleagues, he was picked up by the Pies. Because he has been around people speaking a variety of languages, he has not been able to pick up any language other than Latin with any degree of fluency. While not religious himself, he nevertheless retains a lot of habits from his parents' religion.

Mora has refused to comment on the Gray Sessions interview.

Career with the Philly Pies

Throughout his time with the Philly Pies, Mora has insisted on pitching despite his consistently poor performance on the mound. This has created a troubled relationship with fans, who faithfully chant "AUT CRUSTUM AUT MORTEM" (Latin, roughly, for "Pie or Die") to cheer Mora on while also expressing their frequent wish that he be targeted by Rogue Umpires for incineration.

Pies management has tried repeatedly to reassign Mora to the batting lineup, but sources within the organization say that every time they broach the subject Mora merely nods sagely, mumbles something in Latin, and heads for the bullpen.

Mora: The First Pie

Following SIBR's controversial publication stating that Mora used to play for the Hades Tigers, many Pies players were interviewed. All of them distinctly remember Mora being on the team since the very beginning. Bright Zim says that Mora was the first person to greet him upon entering Tastykake Stadium, while Ruslan Greatness confirmed, "Mora is Pie. Mora always Pie." When approached about this discrepancy, Beasley Day began barking angrily before running away, as he always does when Mora's name is mentioned.

In response to this controversy, Pies management has erected a small exhibit honoring "Nicolaus Mora: The First Pie." The tasteful display was met with almost universal praise except by a small group of critics, who wondered why it had so many eyes. This ultimately led to their firing, as the display depicting Mora obviously has two eyes, as, of course, does the actual Mora.

Relationship to other Moras

It has been speculated that Mora may be related to Yellowstone Magic batter James Mora and Chicago Firefighters batter Swamuel Mora. Popular theories include that they may all be the same person from different timelines, that they are the three fragmented parts of the long since incinerated blaseballer Mora Prime, or that they are siblings; some outliers potentially link Mora to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. None of these theories have been confirmed by any of the three.

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Nicholas Mora is a Afro-Cuban astrologer and one of very few mortals whose mind witnessed the vast cosmos and survived.

In the glitch in reality at the end of season 1, Mora saw the infinity of causality. his mind would have shattered—were it not for the guiding light of the stars, the only constant across the multiverse. It left him a single minded obsession with stargazing, often needing to search for Polaris in times of stress. As a result, he is easily distractable, and can come off as standoffish and cold to his teammates. Many times Mora would get distracted mid-pitch.

Trade to the Tigers

Mora's exchange to the Tigers helped tremendously; though few stars were visible from Hades except through the hole of Hellmouth itself, as it happened Polaris was always visible from the Tiger pit. His transfer as a batter also gave him ample time to ground himself amongst the stars in between his at-bats.

Still, he is left with one burning mystery: all the stars he saw were constants across the multiverse... with the sole exception of the sun itself. What in Hades is up with that?

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Despite all the chatter and rumours about him, Nicholas Mora remains a rather mysterious individual. Very little is known about his past or ancestry, but he has been observed to possess some supernatural powers; including, according to him, the gift of True Vision, allowing him to perceive the true forms of beings which usually would escape mortal comprehension (such as Landry Violence and Moody Cookbook, two of his old teammates). Mora is also incapable of speaking any language besides Latin. Both of these statements have been contested by fans, who believe Mora to simply be bragging or lying, as he has earned something of a reputation as an unreliable narrator.

His personality, as confirmed through interviews with several teammates, is that of an infuriating trickster, who often slings petty insults and harmful pranks at anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in his proximity. Recently, the target of the brunt of his bullying has been one of his new teammates, Matteo Triumphant; videos have surfaced online of numerous arguments, which often tend to end with Matteo being tricked into releasing the horse spirit Triumphant and promptly getting kicked through the nearest window by the aforementioned equine apparition. Despite that, Mora's pranks have rarely led to grievous injury.

It is no secret that Mora has turned to the hobby of puppeteering, presumably to facilitate communication in spite of the language barrier. He makes his many puppets himself, and is quite adept at both crafting and manoeuvring them, often through supernatural means. Though in theory they should be employed to solve misunderstandings, in practice, the old man has discovered new and exciting ways of tormenting and ridiculing his victims through the puppets. When asked about their thoughts on the Tigers player, fans and ex-teammates alike agreed that "when it comes down to it, Mora is a bitter, opinionated, arrogant, and sadistic old fart."

Time on the Pies

Recently unearthed stone tablets indicate that Mora was separated from the Hades Tigers at the end of Season 1. Though not much is known about his time in the Tigers, or the incident which separated him from them, the tablets indicate he was somehow spirited away in a freak accident when the Book was opened, and that his passage through the Lethe apparently made him forget how to speak any language other than Latin (which he had until that point elected to use exactly because it was impractical, and for no other reason than his personal amusement).

There are rumours of his angering the gods by playing some trick or another on them, and thus some fans and scholars speculate these gods might have used the opening of the Book as an opportunity to curse Mora and banish him from Hades. A lot of these rumours come from Mora himself, and the stories he has told have differed wildly. Regardless of what exactly happened, it led to him playing for the Philly Pies, who all collectively remember him always being on the team, though they are unable to provide details of this history when pressed for information.

His time among the Pies was, according to him, "nothing short of miserable": here, no one spoke Latin, nor did anyone appreciate his brand of "humour." Due to his inability to communicate, both through the language barrier and his own stubbornness, Mora ended up playing as a pitcher during his time on the Pies, a job he was clearly terrible at. Instead of reflecting on his way of doing things, he doubled down, and elected to cause as much trouble and suffering as he could. Some say this was in a sort of retaliation to his feelings of isolation, but it only served to worsen his reputation, and it earned him the ire of all his new teammates. Though he declined to comment on the matter and was quite rude whenever the matter was brought up in interviews, it is clear from his behaviour during these seasons that this did nothing to improve his own mood.

Shmurmgle History and Speculation

Stricken with grief and loneliness after his exile and the incineration of his old comrades, Mora became melancholy. His only solace in escaping Hades was he could finally gaze at the stars once more. In a bout of inspiration, Mora began to work on his masterpiece; it is said in some stories that he pulled a constellation out of the sky, and threaded its very stars into the seams of his felt puppet. Enamoured with his work, he elected to give it its own life and will, and set it free upon the world. Most Blaseball scholars agree that this puppet's creation was his one true act of love. The puppet was dubbed Frasier Shmurmgle, and he quickly became a player for the Tigers, before being incinerated only 29 days after he began to play.

According to some sources, Mora and Frasier's separation was also a result of a divine curse, perhaps even the same one which caused his banishment in the first place. Mora being unrepentant, punishment befell his son; and thus, the puppet was dragged through the river Lethe and into Hades, robbing him of his memories of life on the surface and of his own creator. There is no record ever showing Frasier's entry into the realm of the dead, and this is one of the only explanations that have been offered as to how he could have ended up there. Dr. Lorelei Wimchester, a Blaseball scholar specializing in psychology and the dark arts, interprets Frasier Shmurmgle's behaviour (sowing discord and animosity) as one last part of his connection to his father, an attempt to get closer to his absent parent through imitation.

Consumer Attack

On Season β14, Day 86, Nicholas Mora became the victim of the first Consumer attack in Blaseball. The attack left a small scar on Mora's forearm. However, as none of the other players saw the attack occur, they initially disbelieved his claim that the scar had come from a massive beast. Teammates and fans presumed, as captain Hiroto Wilcox stated to press that he had "probably just tripped or something."

Mora was retroactively vindicated on day 101 when Owen Picklestein suffered a Consumer attack, and has ensured absolutely nobody forgets that he was right since.

Shoes Controversy

On Day 62 of Season 16, Mora gained a pair of Shoes from Glitter weather. He was reportedly quite excited by this event and informed everyone that this particular pair of shoes were the sandals that he had worn to run the original Marathon. They were of terrible quality, and proceeded to fall apart and be devoured by Consumers several times over after being repeatedly repaired by Salmon and the Smithy. Mora continually refused to take the shoes off, even when they were broken and full of holes, and was recorded as saying "If they were good enough for Marathon, they're good enough for right now," and then spitting rudely over his shoulder.

When Mora gained Ego+, he was spotted spray painting the shoes gold with a can of spray paint while they were still on his feet. He was heard to refer to the shoes constantly as "his drip" and claimed they made him look cooler. Reports vary as to whether this was true.

Mora finally dropped the shoes on Day 44 of season 20 to pick up a pair of Hearty Sunglasses, but only after hanging them up in a display case in the hallways under Sixth Circle Stadium.

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