Well Rested

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For the weather that can swap a team's active player for a player from their Shadows, see Night.

Well Rested is a Team Modification first seen during the Coffee Cup. It is the Signature Modification of the Pandemonium Artists.


Well Rested swaps a player from a team's active roster with a random player from their Shadows whenever a player loses the Tired Modification caused by Coffee weather.

The only team to have had this Modification, the Pandemonium Artists, played a grand total of four games, all in Coffee weather. During those games, Well Rested triggered 10 times, swapping the following players:

Day Player Removed Replaced By
1 Breeze Regicide Teeth Bandana
1 Entropy Handcramp Swords Magpie
1 Road Kill Quebrada Stone
1 Swords Magpie Friend Void
2 Maddong Candy Fishcake Can
2 Jenny Quicksilver Phoebe Blasesona
3 Manda Moth Ikea Jellofin
3 Arbutus Bones Dunbar McLoud
3 Aura Irving Y3hirv Hafgy2738riv
4 Chromatic Jump HANDSOME SCARF