Fishcake Can

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Fishcake Can is a shadows player for the Pandemonium Artists.

Official League Records

Can joined Internet League Blaseball as a shadows player for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.


Fishcake Can is the Pandemonium Artist's resident catgirl and troublemaker, frequently found missing at practices and games in order to pursue whatever catches their relatively short attention span at the moment.


Ever since they arrived at Pandemonium due to an unfortunate incident in their previous life, Can has been wandering the city without a home, collecting various abandoned art supplies and bits of junk to decorate the landscape as they see fit. The lack of a home doesn't seem to have affected their sunny disposition however, as Can seems to prefer not being tied down to a certain location and would rather scamper around Pandemonium according to their whims.


  • Fishcake has slightly more than the average number of bones in a human body.
  • Their abyssmal batting stats is entirely their own fault by skipping batting practice in order to mod the infamous forum thread titled "Is 鈻堚枅鈻堚枅 actually a Blaseball player", which ended up getting locked after 14,205 pages of heated debate.
  • They would like a giant bat to hit things with.