Chromatic Jump

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Chromatic Jump is a lineup player for the Pandemonium Artists.

Official League Records

Jump joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Reports vary on what materials compose Chromatic Jump, but most sources speculate that it is some sort of hue-shifting pigment. Occasionally, an object or surface they are touching will change its perceived color, to match the one used to interact with it. It is unclear whether the effect is intentional or not.

Jump has stated, on the record, that they are in a committed romantic relationship with fellow Artists batter Handsome Scarf, which predates the involvement of either player with the splort.

Chromatic is an avid fan of Sebastian Telephone, who is cited as one of their main inspirations to enter the League. When asked whether the threat of incineration concerns them, they responded, "I mean, sure, he's died twice, but who knows how long his latest death will last with all these gods floating around?"

Fan Art