Breeze Regicide

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New Player
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Breeze Regicide is a lineup player for the Pandemonium Artists. Breeze is the Blasesona of miniblaseball artist Hetreasky.

Official League Records

Regicide joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.

Personal Life

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Breeze Regicide is a fairly quiet player despite her size, and doesn't often talk about herself. Although she is capable of speaking in full sentences, she prefers to communicate only by saying "A", sounding much like Surskit's Japanese voice in the Pokemon anime.

Breeze's fellow players on the Pandemonium Artists have learned to understand what Breeze means when she does this, or at least they pretend to. Breeze shouting out several "A"s in quick succession means she is overjoyed, laughing, or that danger is fast approaching.


  • Breeze has been known to give rides to the team's smaller members, such as Maddong Candy.
  • Like all Deertaurs, as Breeze ages she will elongate and gain additional pairs of limbs, maxing out at 10 legs and 6 arms.

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