Entropy Handcramp

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New Player
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Entropy Handcramp is a lineup player for the Pandemonium Artists.

Official League Records

Handcramp joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.


Entropy is, allegedly, an impish demon who resides in the hustle and bustle of Pandemonium, Hell. Every time the subject of their life pre-Blaseball comes up, the story changes. Sometimes they mention having moved to the big city as a graphic design student after finishing their degree is Visual Communications at HAC (Hades Art College), other times they claim to have lived in the same city their entire life and only took up their current career as a Pandemonium Artists hitter because their grandmother did the same in a long bygone time.

Work hard, sleep hard, Entropy always says. You can find them training hard pre-season, mid-season, and post-season, to the point where they must wear wrist braces on both hands to protect them from stress induced injury. Their ambidexterity is a boon to their team, as it allows them to change up play and thwack their hits towards either side of the field, but that isn't if they are beaned to sleep in the middle of their time up to bat, as they are want to do.

Trivia & Inspiration

  • They are ambidextrous, but was initially just left-handed before repeated stress injury necessitated the ability to use either hand. Now they injure both of their arms equally.
  • Entropy Handcramp's name and tendencies are based off the common phenomenon of artistic burnout, something that tends to get the best of creatives. This mirrors their creator, koloquials, who has the tendency to passionately throw her all into a project, then inevitably crash and burn for a few days until she can rest and recuperate.
  • They give off a strong static shock, much to the chagrin of any teammates they bump into, and any opponent team members attempting to catch one of their fly balls.
  • In a pinch, their tail doubles as a power bank.

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