Jay Grayscale

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Jay Grayscale is a pitcher for the Pandemonium Artists.

Official League Records

Jay joined Internet League Blaseball as a pitcher for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.


Jay Grayscale is an angel who lives in Pandemonium, Hell. Many mistake her for a demon because the pair of 'bunny ears' on top of her head resemble horns and her wings have been clipped. Other notable features include piercings, tattoos, a halo that leaks, and a tail that ends in a hand that contains a mouth. Excluding special circumstances, Jay speaks using her tail-hand's extra mouth instead of the one on her face. Her tail-hand also has the ability to see despite not having any visible eyes, and can eat food as well.

She owns a fashion line called JGD. Contrary to popular belief, her outfits and artworks are not in black and white. She also does not see the world in grayscale.

When pitching for the Pandemonium Artists, she does not use her tail, instead opting to pitch the 'traditional' way. The closest thing she has to a special move is her excellent slider.

Trivia & Design Notes

  • Jay Grayscale and her creator, @juangeedraws, share the same initials.
  • Despite not speaking the American dialect of English, the "Gray" in her surname is spelt with an A instead of an E for rhyming purposes.
  • Her creator made a list of traits she was already known for drawing a lot (hands, piercings, tattoos, fantasy creatures, strong contrasting colours, streetwear, shoes, etc) which served as the starting point for Jay's design.
  • Jay was originally portrayed as a demon or imp as a nod to Zion Aliciakeyes's design, but it quickly changed to a 'fallen angel' character, which allowed her creator to fit in her signature 'bunny ears'. Before designing Jay, her creator wrote about an angel living in Hades that Zion encounters, which became the bass of her current design:
Above her, an angel lights a cigarette using the cracked halo behind their head [...] she watches as the halo weeps molten silver and the cigarette balances between the angel鈥檚 bandage-wrapped fingers...
  • The first draft for Jay gave her stats that were different from the randomly-generated final result. Jay's motif of "threes" does not show up in her star rating for this reason, having 3.5 pitching stars instead of 3.
  • Her first draft also included "Sweet & Iced" as her coffee type (not added due to Coffee Cup sorting players by existing coffee types). This is largely due to her creator only drinking cheap iced coffee on workdays.