Aura Irving

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Aura Irving is a lineup player for the Pandemonium Artists.

Official League Records

Irving joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Pandemonium Artists during the inaugural Coffee Cup.


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The entity known as Aura Irving typically takes the form of a tall, bipedal rabbit-like creature. Despite their height of approximately 6 feet, their possession of long, sharp canine teeth, and their decidedly non-lagomporphic clawed paws, they persistently claim to be "an entirely ordinary rabbit". Multiple independent reports have described them "melting", "changing shape", and "dissolving" when they believe themself to be unseen, although they vehemently deny that they could be capable of any such thing.

Irving has one leg which is visibly robotic. It has been suggested that the vast majority of their body may in fact be mechanical. Claims that, after an injury, Irving's blood was seen to be "moving on its own" are currently unsubstantiated.


According to Irving themself, they were born to a loving family of Flemish Giant domestic rabbits who moved to Pandemonium due to its low rent prices. They have stated that their parents fostered their love of blaseball as they were growing up. However, no such family of rabbits is on record as ever having lived in Pandemonium.

Irving's first appearance in Pandemonium coincided with the high-profile disappearance of several employees from a nearby nanotech research firm, several of whom possessed rabbit-like physical features. Irving has repeatedly denied allegations that their mechanical components are in any way linked to this incident.

As a programmer and engineer themself, Aura has worked to educate the public about practical applications of robotics and nanotech. In particular, they have been a strong advocate for the presence of helpful robots in the domestic sphere.

Aura currently resides on their airship, the _Galatea_, with their AI companion, and close friend, Hyzenthlay. They enjoy traveling to remote locations and constructing elaborate machines together.

Aura is aromantic and asexual. They frequently express deep platonic love for theirfriends.


  • Aura's pregame ritual, "interdimensional dance", is a nod to rhythm game Not In the Groove.
  • Aura has a somewhat parental relationship with Manda Moth. They became close after Manda revealed her true form, which many players find deeply frightening, to Aura, and Aura resolved to help her become comfortable with it.
  • Arbutus Bones befriended Aura shortly after their arrival to the Artists' ranch. As they knew each other well before Arbutus had the tree implanted in their arm, Aura continues to feel alarm at the growing presence of the tree in their consciousness.
  • Bing Flatters, the Artists' mascot, is their archenemy. It is highly unclear how this occurred.