Turing Capybara

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Turing Capybara is a lineup player for the Society Data Witches.

Official League Records

Capybara joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Society Data Witches during the inaugural Coffee Cup.


Turing Capybara is a hitter and team captain for the Society Data Witches. Originally SIBR's single data analyst, Turing was promoted to management after Number Cruncher was hired as an intern to scale up operations. Despite no longer being in an IC role, Turing can be found constantly chewing on data.

2██ Q3 Performance Review

Turing was rated 5/5 in his Q3 performance review, primarily for his calm demeanor in the face of the chaos his reports tend to in the office. Leadership was quoted, saying, "We don't really know what he does anymore, but we know if he leaves it'll be bad," and one report was quoted, saying, "I don't really know what he does, but he's doing a great job." As such, he was promoted to batting team captain when the Society Data Witches were called up for the Coffee Cup.

Data Analyst

Turing is notable for doing data analysis by literally eating data feeds and code. He is also notably hungry, and will cronch numbers even if you were still using them. Since becoming a manager, Turing is no longer obligated to tell anyone the results of his number crunching.

Chaos Magic

Turing's pregame ritual is Chaos Magic.