Strike, Looking

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Strike, Looking is a lineup player for the Society Data Witches.

Official League Records

Strike, Looking joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Society Data Witches during the inaugural Coffee Cup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Strike, Looking was originally born "Looking Strike", and became enamored by spy and detective movies at an early age, and started to try to introduce himself as "Strike, Looking Strike". But because of his bumbling nature, when he filled out the paperwork to join the ILB, he mistakenly just filled in "Strike, Looking", and that name has stuck with his teammates. Strike, is Society for Internet Blaseball Research's resident bird watcher - with his binocular eyes and occasional telescopic photo lens, he is responsible for the precise counts you will occasionally see for birds during a game. He will usually misinterpret something he sees when bird watching for a clue to a major international incident: for example, he was once convinced that Russians were attaching tiny lasers to pigeons in an attempt to assassinate the Commissioner. He's never correct with these beliefs, of course ... but somehow, when he is involved, he will instead solve a completely unrelated mystery that he was unaware of.

Personal Items

Strike, is never seen without his personal "Internal Comma", a comically large tool in the shape of a comma that he can use as an Allen Wrench. He once somehow managed to use it to detach and re-attach his own head, but he put it on backwards. Hilarity ensued. He wears a scarf with mathematical formulas and his Data Witch pin attached, and wears his team robe like a rumpled raincoat.