Beans Reblase

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Beans Reblase is a lineup player for the Society Data Witches.

Official League Records

Beans Reblase is a statistician who works for at the Society for Internet Blaseball Research and bats for their field research team, the Society Data Witches.

On Day 3 of the Coffee Cup, Beans Reblase hit a 5-run 3-run home run.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Beans Reblase is an avid practitioner of Tool-Assisted Soothsaying. When activated, her crystal ball simulates a potential future starting from that moment. In the simulation, she has free will, and can experience the world which results from the consequences of their actions as though they're living in it firsthand - and instantly restart with a thought. The crystal ball can instantly redo thousands of simulated futures in a fraction of a second, allowing her to measure statistics, accumulate hours of practice in an instant, test different strategies for baserunning, and figure out the best presents to give someone for their birthday.

However, while Beans can often find an incredibly precise sequence of actions that leads to (what she thinks is) an optimal future, in reality executing that sequence of actions is often incredibly hard, even with infinite practice time. In addition, sometimes through sheer random luck a timeline will be an outlier, where tiny butterfly effects create futures with inexplicably good or bad outcomes for unexpected reasons. Even worse, sometimes after thousands of practice attempts, ending the simulations and attempting to follow the plan during the Final Run can still end up with surprising futures.

In her free time, Beans practices Backwards Track and Field, and is a member of the Infinite Los Angeles Track and Field Club #15823. Beans's favorite category is the Backwards High Jump, a splort involving jumping multiple times a second under a ceiling to rapidly build up speed, and she stays in practice by backwards high jumping across the blases after getting a hit.

Beans works for the Society for Internet Blaseball Research, where she's an expert in resampling, the statistical technique of making up fake populations and somehow still getting the right answer.


Beans puts up a cool and collected facade. However, she also suffers from performance anxiety, especially when mustering up the courage to stop simulating, and she only maintains this facade by rehearsing and practicing social interactions ahead of time. They can sometimes be taken aback when the universe's randomness places them in a completely unforseen situation, but over time they have been getting better at going with the flow.

Beans is friends with Nebula Holstein, and often collaborates with Datum Criminale and Batista Oatmilk. Beans and Zero Index can often be seen discussing the nature of time-related knowledge techniques.