Major Arcana

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Major Arcana is a lineup player for the Society Data Witches, the field research team for the Society for Internet Blaseball Research. She was an active roster member for the inaugural Coffee Cup.

Official League Records

Arcana joined Internet League Blaseball as a hitter for the Society Data Witches as part of the team's initial roster.

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Professional Life

Rise and Fall of violencebegets.xii

Major “XVI” Arcana was born. Shortly after Opening Day, Season β1, XVI began surreptitiously hosting a Landry Violence fan site titled violencebegets.xii [maintained in its final state] on an unmonitored SIBR server. After Day 40, SIBR initiated a weekly direct deposit into her bank account. Some time in early Season β3, XVI became aware of this deposit, and asked to use a mid-floor office in the Escher Complex as an official employee. Upon Violence’s incineration in the Internet Series that season, violencebegets.xii was taken down and replaced with a screen-filling “riv” in Comic Sans. SIBR allowed XVI the standard twenty minutes of grieving before assigning her to operational security.

Arcane Practice

During her tenure as a Physical Security Technician, XVI moved away from her home in Sunken Charleston, choosing to live in the Los Angeli based Escher Complex. After three days of this work, she began remodeling the office to more closely resemble her room in Charleston. After removing a sheet of wallpaper, a safe was discovered, hidden flush in the wall. With assistance from PolkaDot Matrix, the safe was opened, revealing only a Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. XVI began studying the art of tarot reading immediately, soon realizing that the arcane arts had much more to offer. Over the course of the next two seasons, the office was transformed into a facsimile of a witch’s cottage, and continues to maintain this appearance as of this writing. XVI was then assigned as the first Head of Arcane Security at SIBR, and focused her professional research on security hexes and other methods of warding.

Society Data Witches

After Season β11’s conclusion, SIBR initiated the formation of a field research division, named the Data Witches. XVI was chosen for the team by the Headmistress due to her enthusiasm towards the name, her unique skills in divination and hexes, and her good relationships with the other members already elected to the team. This team’s stated purpose, as of the time of writing, is to “assess impacts of various stlatistical packages on the splort of Blaseball.”

The Witches were invited to play in the first Coffee Cup, and joined the rest of the Internet League Blaseball players in participation of the cultural event.

Notable Events

The Magician

Game 1 of the Coffee Cup: XVI took up her bat as the leadoff batter of the second inning. She proceeded to hit a home run on the first pitch, of her first professional at-bat, in her first game on an active roster.

The Empress

Game 2 of the Coffee Cup: With both active-roster members of her polycule on base, XVI hit a two-strike home run, increasing the Witches lead to 5 runs.

Rich, Velvety Chocolate

Game 3 of the Coffee Cup: The Witches were losing by 1.5 runs at the top of the 8th inning. XVI was beaned, becoming Wired, before hitting a leadoff triple and scoring on a sacrifice from Bob E. Cagayan. This tied the game, and would eventually be won by the Witches in the 10th inning.