Mills Squad

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The Mills Squad is the New York Millennials' official cheerleading team.


The Mills Squad are dedicated to cheering, dancing, and sometimes singing for the New York Millennials. This can be in praise of the team's merits in itself, but also aims to voice the concerns of the fans, players, and anyone affected by blaseball. This includes pro LGBTQIA+ themes, anti-cop chants, and opinions regarding the Commissioner. As Cinaed Sinaed, current head cheerleader as of Season 6, stated: "SCREW HIERARCHY/NO GODS NO MASTERS/WE'RE ALL QUEER AS HELL/ALL COPS ARE.... CUSTARDS."

The Mills Squad has been around since the Millennials have existed, even cheering players such as Blabe Ruth and Joe DiMarijuana. They were the first blaseball cheer squad to become unionized, and paved the way for cheerleaders across blaseball to join the Cheerleading Union (now known as the Cheerleading and Food Vendors Union), still strong to this day. The founder of the Mills Squad and original cheer captain, Fancy Darling, even incorporated their early political efforts in their cheers, "NUTS TO THE BOSSMAN/WE WANT A FARE WAGE/LISTEN HERE, FELLA/AND FEEL OUR RAGE/WITHOUR OUR CHEERS/THE GAME'S A SHAM/KAPUTSKI, I TELL YOU/NOW BOSSMAN, SCRAM!"


Cinaed Sinaed

Cinaed (she/they) tends to dress in all black when she's not wearing the Mills Pink and Blues. She's the current head writer for the cheers, and has been said to have a, "Sarcastic bite" by people that don't know her. By people that do know her, she's sweet, loving, and very anxious. She favors cheers that are short and to the point, and flirts with nearly every woman in blaseball without realizing it. Her side gig is in catering and bartending. She is also known as a fairly big anime lover.

Brooklyn Manhattan

Brooklyn (she/her) doesn't go anywhere without her rats, even when cheerleading. She owns fifteen rats and is a rat walker by trade. She considers cheerleading side work for her business, which she says is, "Bound to take off any day, now." As one might expect from the name, she is a native of the Bronx.

Kissboy Bluth

Kissboy (he/him) is one of the more passionate cheerleaders on the squad. A soundcloud rapper by trade, he describes himself as "queer and available." Rather than living in the Cheer Squad communal living space, he lives in every gay bar in the world. Sometimes you can see him drinking in a hip bar in Brooklyn at the same time someone by his description is sleeping off a hangover in Ontario. His not so secret passion is sonnets, and he loves to share them.

Evangeline Terroir

Evangeline (she/her) works at the ominous weapon shop NAME SUBJECT TO CHANGE with her partner August. Sometimes her eyes will turn white and she says something ominous in iambic pentameter. She also loves puppies.

August Merriwether

August (he/him) refers to himself as a, "proud trans himbo." His secondary gig is lifeguard or bodybuilder, depending on the season. Easily the swolest member of the Cheer Squad, he is most often the bottom of the pyramid. He's also the acclaimed author of, "The Diamond Heist," a blaseball thriller involving the literal stealing of home.