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In Season β3 the New York Millennials had their third season as a member of Internet League Blaseball, the Good League, and the Chaotic Good division. Largely on the back of the beneficial effects of the Soul Swap and added Fourth Strike, the Millennials raced to a Good League-best record of 65-34, second overall only to the 70-29 Hades Tigers.

In the Season 3 post-season (their first), the Millennials defeated the Dallas Steaks 3-1, then defeated the San Francisco Lovers 3-1, and ultimately lost 3-2 to the Hades Tigers in the finals.

The Millennials received no blessings at the end of Season 3, and were forced to trade Mclaughlin Scorpler for the Tigers' Alyssa Harrell due to the Tigers winning the "Exile" blessing.


Season 3 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

The Millennials experienced one Incineration in Season 3.

The Millennials also saw their first Postseason in Season 3, defeating the Dallas Steaks 3-1 and the San Francisco Lovers 3-1, but ultimately losing 3-2 to the Hades Tigers in the finals, thus beginning their inglorious path to Bscension.[1]

Election Outcomes


The Millennials did not win any blessings, but were affected by one.

  • Exile blessed the Hades Tigers.
    Teamicon tigers.png
    • Hades Tigers sent the New York Millennials their worst hitter, Alyssa Harrell, and got back a random hitter, Mclaughlin Scorpler.


The Millennials were not directly affected by any Decrees.

Season Overview

It's a Surprise Lore that Will Help Us Later

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

The Millennials had a fairly unremarkable Season 3, aside from of course the giant peanut god yelling at everyone all the time. However, they specifically went unaffected by the Shelled One or the new Peanut weather. More affecting, however, were the Election results and the Incineration they experienced.

Chorby Soul

On Season 3, Day 14, Chorby Soul was Incinerated, moving in the way of flames directed at Dominic Marijuana. Chorby was known as a generally cool person and a friend to many, with a dedicated fanbase and a good soul.

A really good Soul.

You can still hear it Screaming.

A Rising Win/md

The Millennials were the highest bidder on Evil Wind Sprints, with 29% of the Votes, but they lost to the Jazz Hands, with 1% of the Votes.

They would try again next season.

By the Way, Eat The Rich[2]

While it affected their Fans more than the Players, the Decree Eat The Rich passed at the end of this season, allowing the wealth of the 1% of the Voters to be evenly redistributed to the other 99%. This was great, we all felt great about it, and everyone assumed it would continue forever.[3]

  1. Which is like a participation trophy for Ascension. LGMBLDM.
  2. This paragraph may contain Irony.
  3. As it said in the Decree text: So have the people spoken. So shall it continue.