New York Millennials/Season 1

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In Season β1 the New York Millennials had their first season as a member of Internet League Blaseball, the Good League, and the Chaotic Good division. They finished eighth in the Evil League, and 15th in the ILB, winning no blessings in the Season β1 Elections.


Season 1 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

The New York Millennials experienced no changes to their roster over the course of the season or postseason.

Election Outcomes

The New York Millennials won no blessings, and were not effected by any decrees.

Season Overview

ICTOACTRN,S (I Can't Think Of A Clever Title Right Now, Sorry)

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

The inaugural Blaseball League season saw the New York Millennials finish a disappointing fifth place in the competitive Chaotic Good division, missing the playoffs.