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Ayanna Dumpington is a sentient water bottle. Her consciousness resides in both the water and the bottle. Her water is sometimes suspected to be other, very hot fluids, thanks to her Fire blood.

She is plural, with two known alters: The Mascot, who is left over from her troubled past, and The Player, who helps her cope with the reality of Blaseball. Each uses a different bottle in daily life, which they liken to "changing clothes, if clothes were also skin."


Ayanna Dumpington was created in XX02 by the now-defunct Kawasaki-based water manufacturing company, Tsukao (塚大 in Japanese). At the time, the company was looking for brand-new types of water to manufacture, which they would then sell to water bottling companies to sell in bottles of water. During a particularly desperate experiment by Tsukao’s Research & Development team, intended to create s’mores-flavored water, the team accidentally made a unique type of sentient water. Not sure what to do with the new “smartwater,” and even less sure how to sell it to a bottling company, Dumpington was placed under the R&D department’s care.

During the next few years growing close to the R&D team, Dumpington received her bottle and decided on her name and pronouns. She also participated in “mascot training” and occasionally represented Tsukao at trade shows to attract potential buyers as part of this training. However, when the company filed for bankruptcy in XX04, (Tsukao’s CEO was later quoted as saying, “How did I think that manufacturing water to sell to bottling companies was a good idea?”) Dumpington could no longer live with the R&D department, so she promptly left to wander Kawasaki.

Dumpington claims that at this point she got a job at a retail store, and after a few months of following Blaseball games, applied for a position on the Lift. The rest of the team, however, says that she was fished out of the Tokyo Bay by Stijn Strongbody. Dumpington apparently “wanted to say hello” to it, but it is unknown if the Bay ever said hello back.

With the Lift

On the Lift, Dumpington believes that her mascot training came in handy, as she was offered many sponsorships because of contacts made at trade shows and is generally considered to be “the Face of Tokyo Lift.” Others, however, cite this training as the source of Dumpington’s childishness and obsession with proper hydration. This fixation is so extreme that Dumpington is rumored to only have joined the ILB to ensure the players were properly hydrated. When asked to comment on this, Dumpington said, “Well, if everyone stayed hydrated, it wouldn’t be a problem, would it?”

With the Tigers

Dumpington joining the Hades Tigers was a source of much change for her, not only swapping teams for the first time in her career, but also gaining Fire blood, altering her own composition, though the extent to which is a matter for hot debate. Some fans hold that she is now simply very hot water, or Styx water, while others think she is filled with lava, Violent Lightning, steam, or is, in fact, a molotov. Nonetheless, Dumpington continued to put her best foot forward, attempting to embrace her new team with a suitably reckless and 'fiery' attitude, although to date she has yet to do anything much more volatile than knock over some cones during training.

However, in spite of developing a number of friendships amongst her teammates, Dumpington could be something of a peripheral figure, struggling to find a place for herself in a team and environment steeped in history. The more Dumpington learned about the Tigers' past as she wandered Sixth Circle Stadium, the less she felt she belonged. It took a pep talk from Aldon Cashmoney for Dumpington to begin to grow more confident of her place, with the more veteran player even leaving her vis championship ring prior to being vaulted in Season β18. After Cashmoney's departure, Dumpington took it upon herself to boost the morale of her saddened teammates with a singalong that eventually pulled in the entire roster. When the subsequent elections saw Dumpington Evolve, she knew that she had earned her stripes and her place.

Dumpington now feels more at ease with being both a Tiger and a former Lift player, and eagerly attempts to bring the two teams closer together at every opportunity. She enjoys showing her new teammates around Tokyo, as well as introducing her old friends to her new friends. A regular visitor to the Lift, Dumpington has even shipped herself to Tokyo as a 'care package' during siesta, a delightful surprise to the Lift the first time around, and a 'surprise' that they have humoured subsequently, while still enjoying Dumpington's company.

Amongst the Tigers, Dumpington has taken particular interest in Zion Aliciakeyes, noticing her jaded outlook and emotional barriers. Through optimism, kindness, and a healthy regard for boundaries, Dumpington has been able to get Zion to lower her guard, at least a little. An even greater challenge to Dumpington's cheery outlook is the cantankerous Nicholas Mora; she has yet to get through to him, but she has not given up trying yet. Much less of a trial has been Dumpington's relationship with Paula Mason, a figure of encouragement who willingly goes along with many of Dumpington's plans to buoy the Tigers, and also takes jazzercise with Dumpington along with Mummy Melcon and Nandy Slumps.

Although Aldon Cashmoney II and later Aldon Cashmoney III were only on the team for a brief time, Dumpington was protective of both of them and did her level best to make sure they each felt welcomed and individual, believing that she owed the original Aldon for vis support. Dumpington often helped III with vis hair, and coaxed Famous Owens into helping II pick out suitably fancy clothing.


  • Ayanna's calls to 'hydrate!' have taken on new meaning with her changed composition, and tend now to degrade into challenging her teammates to drink unreasonably hot beverages.
    • Paula Mason is a frequent winner of these contests, knocking down actual fire unflinching on a regular basis.
    • Famous Owens (or at least many observed incarnations of them) finds these contests, and Ayanna, to be a thorn in their side. Famous Owens/IF-238.91 doesn't really understand all the fuss, but thinks Dumpington is doing a just swell job.
  • Dumpington sometimes forgets she is significantly hotter now, and once absently-mindedly melted the Frosty Cap she acquired to refrigerate herself, resulting in a Smokey Necklace.
  • Inspired by Sisyphus, Dumpington took up Bouldercise while in Hades, and has produced several exercise videos on the topic.