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Rumor / Community Lore
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Currently serving as a ranger at the Yellowstone ParkPark, Annie Roland is a Were-Bear who replaced Richardson "Turq" Turquoise after his unfortunate incineration. Annie is actually only the name of the human form, however, with Roland being the bear.

Annie is a Strongly-built park ranger with eyes that look like a solar eclipse, but are never seen because of the sunglasses they always have on. It is unclear if Annie themself knows this. They are always wearing an enamel pin shaped like a gravy boat, as well as collect gravy boats as a hobby, because "they're just neat-o," despite absolutely HATING the taste of gravy.

Annie joined the parks service after graduating from the Girl Scouts at age 5 (17 years ago) with a gold award, and is currently studying in collage for a degree which they have chosen not to disclose. The team quickly accepted them and they now serve to protect the other members of the Magic from danger, so as to prevent another peanut incident with Washer or incineration like Turq.

Their true unending quest is to find and bring to justice the person or thing that keeps rooting through the park trash cans, spreading litter everywhere. When asked about this quest, they responded, "I'll catch whoever's doing this, mark my words. They may be able to stay just out of reach for now, but they'll slip up eventually..." It should be noted that immediately following this interview, Annie was observed skidding in a puddle and landing on their behind.

The transformation into Roland occurs whenever the position of the team switches; Annie plays defense, Roland is up to bat.

Roland is a small-ish but still large black bear that can bee seen wandering around ParkPark with a bat between their jaws. One of Roland's favorite hobbies is digging through the park trash cans to find snacks and treats left by the visitors, fans, and staff; although Bevan Wise has commented on his disapproval of the bear's refusal to pick up after themself.

Roland can also be observed wearing their signature sunglasses, but on top of their head rather than over their eyes.

They act much like a lovable dog and get along very well with most of the team, but is very uneasy around the other animalistic members of the team such as Halex and Oscar, and does not seem to know what to make of Cory-12 or Washer. It should be noted that as Roland's vibes increase, their physical size can also be observed to increase, leading some to believe that the transformation has more to do with emotion than Blaseball itself. When asked about this phenomenon, they merely stated, "AGGAGAGAGHHGHGHGHGAAAAGHG," and proceeded to climb into a nearby dumpster, presumably to scavenge.

Additional Trivia

  • Both Forms share an extreme Hatred for the Rouge Umpires, as they seem to be targeting the Magic's More Natural players (Washer, Sosa, and Turq).
  • Annie refuses that they ever turn into Roland.
  • They earned their Girl Scouts gold award for starting a charity to support Trans Athletes in the splort of Blaseball.
  • They joined after Roland walked onto the field of play shortly after Turq's departure and picked up his bat, legally binding them to the team.
  • Annie is an avid organ player.