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Undefined is a Player Modification first seen in the Season β18 Elections and given out by the Inexplicable Blessing. It has also been seen as a Team Modification starting in Season β24, albeit only cosmetically.


While an Undefined player is Scattered, they will have a boost of 50-100% that is rolled every game event.[1] There is no flavor text for its activation outside of the already standard Scattering feed items.

As a quirk of how Scattering is gained, this modification has only ever activated on hitters since they are more likely to go Elsewhere and Scatter. Presumably, it still works as expected on pitchers.


Season 18

During Season β18, the Blessing Inexplicable was offered as the first recorded instance of Undefined. It was won by the Houston Spies, with the random player that gained it being Alexandria Rosales.

Season 20

Season β20 offered the Blessing States of Play, which gave Undefined to any players on the winning team that were Scattered or Elsewhere. It was won by the New York Millennials, with the players that met the criteria to receive it being Nandy Fantastic, Hatfield Suzuki, and Andrew Solis.


During Season β24, teams that were Nullified, in addition to becoming "nullteam", were given four instances of Undefined, each with a different duration - Permanent, Seasonal, Weekly, and Game. However, since nulled teams are unable to play, the modifications had no effect.


  • Alexandria Rosales broke the single-season OPS record in Season 24 largely due to the combination of Undefined and permanent Scattering during Season 24. They hit 1.439 OPS[2] while being Scattered the entire season, more than previous record holder Nagomi Mcdaniel's 1.432 OPS in Season β6.[3]
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