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Silvaire Roadhouse is a half-minotaur on their ██████'s side. Minotaurs are already half-human, so it doesn't really show much but for the horns and the natural septum piercing and just being all around very scruffy, but they wear it well.

Whenever they stay in one spot too long, a corn maze sprouts up around them. For extended periods within the affected area, the maze bubbles into a spatial anomaly that grows impossibly more complex and overlapping nearer to its euclidean center. Within that part of the maze, trying to look up and over the stalks will reveal a plain of maize stretching off into the horizon in eternal afternoon.

Silvaire is always in the outfield of the Crabitat, even on away games. They can leave if they want to, but passing through the fractal corpsespace of the Mother Crab as a leaking spatial anomaly has lead to two instances of █████████ ███ █████ ████████ ██████, ███ ███ ███████ ██ ████████. Survivors have recovered after extensive therapy, but have sworn off corn and shellfish both.


In Season 10 after making the run that killed the sun alongside Tot Fox, Silvaire Roadhouse and the rest of the Baltimore Crabs ascended to The Big Leagues, where they remained until the Crab’s return on Day 72 of season 12. However, upon their return Roadhouse found that they were not unchanged from the fight on Day X, and had acquired a nasty flinch that hindered their ability to play. As they returned to the game, it was one of many reminders of what they had gone through. Nonetheless the team rocketed themselves to the championships and it seemed like even their curse could not stop their momentum.

As the team entered season 15, they were plagued by redaction. Early in the season Roadhouse saw Forrest Best disappear after their game, and Nagomi Mcdaniel and Alyssa Harrell were both attacked multiple times by consumers, until they too were redacted in the semi finals of the postseason. It was then that teammate Brock Forbes revealed to both Roadhouse and Tot Fox that, based on his own knowledge, that the two of them were only a handful of attacks away from being redacted themselves. The two were left waiting for the next game to start, knowing it may have been their last, when Fox dragged Roadhouse to an old abandoned bunker that had previously been home to Best. The two of them spent the night there reflecting on what might be next, and in the morning before the Mild league finals, they each took a memento from Best’s collection of assorted fine clothes, accessories, and stolen goods. Roadhouse considered that, “stealing something just seems like what it would have wanted us to do.”

On the Boston Flowers

In Season 16 after the Plundering of Chorby Soul, Roadhouse was traded to the Boston Flowers where they were reunited with Brock Forbes.

A Debt - The Intent to Kill

From an early age Roundhouse was taught that to kill was to make a conscious decision made by the gunslinger. That it was about control, and that the worst sin of all was to fire your gun off without intent, and to kill without the conscious choice to do so. In season 20 Silvaire lost their Flinch modifier, and gained a Debt. With the dangerous potential crackling under their skin they made their own decisions, and Roadhouse had always been an excellent shot. Over the course of the season fans saw clean hits, singles, home runs, and anything that kept the ball away from the outfield, fouling to destroy stadium lights, fences, and trees over letting someone catch one of those deadly outs. For Roadhouse it was always their intent that mattered and they kept an iron grip on their newfound curse.

Return to the Crabs

In Season 22 Silvaire returned to the Baltimore Crabs, this time pitching, and continued their efforts to control their debt. As the seasons dragged on however, the debt hung heavy over Roadhouse’s shoulders. While the fans seemed to be confident that Roadhouse’s luck would continue, Roadhouse themself was gradually exhausted at the efforts required to keep the rest of the league safe. In season 23 the dam broke, and Roadhouse caused the unstable incinerations of Jon Halifax, Gunther O’Brian, Helga Moreno, and Helga Washington. This was a difficult time for Roadhouse as they searched for ways to deal with these emotions. It was said that they often returned to the Memorial Bat Gardens in Boston as a kind of repentance, trading out the outfield of the Crabitat for the walls of The Garden, even as their mazes sprouted around them and The Garden watched them grow.

The Horizon

In Season 24 the Baltimore Crabs steered themselves towards the Horizon, and Silvaire Roadhouse took the time to recover their confidence in themselves and their own control. Despite a marked increase in eclipse weather, not a single casualty of the season was a result of Silvaire’s debt. As the Blackhole (Blackhole) expanded, they found themselves at peace, and happy to be back in Baltimore for the end.