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Eizabeth Elliott/IF-87.385

A Student of the Game

Eizabeth Elliott is the Diffident Hitter (DH) for the Yellowstone Magic. She is a graduate student in biotechnology working on her PhD thesis about the life cycle of extremophile bacteria in Yellowstone National Park (Parkpark)'s prismatic springs. Her park supervisor assigned her to first base without Eizabeth's knowledge. She has no idea what blaseball is, how it is played, why she is sometimes holding a bat, or why people in uniforms keep trampling through her survey grid. She is this close to just taking a semester off.

The L is silent. And invisible.


  • Sister to Elijah Bates of the Canada Moist Talkers, and presumably mother of His Nephew.
  • Is fascinated by Cory Twelve's advanced volcanology equipment and has petitioned for time on "the machine" between seasons.
  • Alyssa Harrell, Halexandrey Walton, and Eizabeth follow each other in the batting order and are collectively known as "The Gathering". Penelope Mathews was formerly a part of the group before being transferred to the New York Millennials due to Feedback.
  • Began a page-one rewrite of her thesis after meeting Richardson Turquoise.
  • In an episode of genealogy show But Who Are You, Really? a DNA test suggested Elliott's genetic heritage to be 65% west African, 21% north African, 6% Polynesian and the remainder a species of thermophilic archaebacteria presently unknown to science.

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