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potential blurb regarding rocha's time in miami

Lemmy (talkcontribs)

The following article appeared in local Miami magazines in the time period between Seasons 19 and 20.

Miami Gerald's Rave Report: Mystery DJ Makes Waves - Something Special or Something Stranger?

Byline: Miami Gerald

A rave of epic proportions was recently held in a new venue underneath the Worldwide Field. It began with an opening guest performance by accomplished scientist-DJ Melvin Ochoa, before the main event took the stage- an unknown new DJ on the scene, who turned up the hype to never-before-seen levels. Miami shook with the underground energy, and emergency weather reports were held to report on a shockwave of good vibes.

This is the strange part: Nobody can agree on what took place at this event, nor on the appearance of the host. Not a single partygoer could even figure out how they had known the rave was taking place at all in the first place. One interview paints a picture of your standard EDM fare, another interview reports... nostalgic piano arrangements. One attendee swore the party was hosted by an old ex, another reported a deceased relative, and yet another had described the DJ as "an emotionally available dreamboat." Attempts to find a line of contact with this enigmatic figure have failed.

As for the venue, it's as if it never existed at all. There were no records of such thing underneath the Worldwide Field in the first place, and it has seemed to completely vanish. Ever since the rave took place, attendees have taken to hunting for the entrance to this lost venue in the stadium. This has significantly increased ticket sales for games, but the number of people actively paying attention to the plays has remained quite small.

No managers of the home team nor its players have accepted questioning at this time.

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Ties to Alternate Elijah Valenzuela

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Brief note that, with the Elijah Valenzuela's Alternate finally getting lore, the Jazz Hands on the Official Blaseball Discord figured Rocha helped Elii deal with his experiences as a political prisoner in a universe where Blaseball was supposed to be a life (and potentially death) sentence. Read more here.

Sending on Howell Rocha

Inumo (talkcontribs)

A brief note since it came up while the Discord Jazz Hands talked Riley Firewall w/ the Dale, we figured Rocha helped send Riley on by appearing as Raúl Leal during the Feedback event. You can read more about it in this thread.

Initial Lore Draft

Bunni (talkcontribs)

Here's a draft (Google doc link) of Howell Rocha's initial lore page based on the summary points @Inumo posted. Stuff covered includes:

  • History
  • Appearance and Personality
  • Arrival in Breckenridge
  • Joining the ILB
  • Trivia

Lore Summary (Finally)

Inumo (talkcontribs)

The Jazz Hands on the official Blaseball Discord have finally gotten our acts together enough to have a full lore summary to propose. Below are the highlights for Howell Rocha (she/her):

  • She's an eldritch being who can control her appearance, often choosing to appear as friendly things to her teammates and fearsome things to her opponents. You can identify her regardless of her form because she always has floating pink cubes around her.
  • She's a physical therapist & psychotherapist due to her general refusal of mind-body dualism; she firmly believes that the state of the body influences the mind, and vice versa.
  • Her primary motivation is producing good vibes, as they are her primary source of energy. They radiate off people who are happy/healthy and she absorbs them like an eldritch solar panel. What she's absorbing all these vibes for is left open for debate, though rumors circulate that she may eventually use all that energy to bring about the end of the universe billions of years down the line.
  • She produces music by vibrating at the right frequencies.
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