Buster Candle

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Short Circuits
Information on this page pertains to events in a temporary universe and may have minimal long-term bearing on the game.

Buster Candle was a rotation player for the Tokyo Lift, and competed in Gamma 3 until they were Charged and gained the Static modification.

Official League Record

Candle was first seen as a rotation player for the Tokyo Lift after the Microphone Localized and Tuned into Gamma 3.

During the Gamma 3 Midseason elections, Candle's pitching stat increased as a result of the Hand Warmers amplification, resulting in a 4.1 4.4 pitching stat increase.

During the Gamma 3 Election, Candle gained the Static modification as a result of the Tokyo Lift's Charge will, and was removed from the Lift's roster.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Buster Candle is a plural entity divided at the neck. His gangly humanoid body answers to "Buster", while floating in place of a head is Candle, a chōchin-obake. This spirit takes the form of a red paper lantern and burns fiercely at all times. A broad horizontal tear serves as Candle's mouth, through which he issues puffs of smoke and a stream of non-sequiturs in the gravelly style of movie trailer legend Hal Douglas.

The impulsive Candle is generally seen as the dominant member of this configuration, often darting suddenly in one or other direction and forcing Buster into a jog to catch up. Candle has a reputation for being loud and inconsiderate, and even at his most restrained will expect to start a conversation by floating silently up behind an unsuspecting teammate and bellowing "IN A WORLD".

Easy-going Buster is more bemused by this behaviour than embarrassed. He communicates only where he feels it necessary, mostly via gestures and exaggerated body language, and when not playing Blaseball or picking up after Candle enjoys sudoku puzzles and tending a collection of potted aloes. Buster is rumoured to have left a promising career in events management when his headless, neckless shoulders left him nowhere to hang an all-areas lanyard.

Candle has little faith in Buster's spindly arms and prefers to pitch via the ptooey method. ILB adjudicators recognise this as functionally distinct from a "spitball" and thus legal, if potentially unhygienic. In an effort to mitigate any risk of infection umpires encourage Candle to also set these deliveries on fire. He is only too happy to oblige.

As self-appointed mouthpiece of the team, Candle lobbied hard to win a poll he understood as giving him "a chance to get in front of the Microphone". His campaign video has a blazing Candle address the camera directly: "THIS YEAR," he snarls, "it's time for ONE LANTERN" - at this Buster shrugs - "to LEAD THE CHARGE". The reward or otherwise for his triumph is yet to be revealed.